Featured Blogger Contest

Ready. Set. Sail! Hello everyone. Welcome to another exciting edition of The Bipolar Compass!! I’m here basically to say thank you for everyone who shared and viewed and commented on my latest bpHope article. I just checked right now and that shizz went bananas! It’s been shared more than 1100 times on bpHope’s  Facebook alone!!! More… More Featured Blogger Contest

BpHope Post #9

Ready. Set. Sail! Well this whole week’s theme is about stigma. I’ve had two instances of stigma from two really good friends this week: Jan and The Dragon. Unfortunately, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not that I’m calling them bitches. I would never. Bitch is a bad word. So is fuck. So… More BpHope Post #9

When Life Is Difficult And Stigma Makes It Worse

Ready. Set. Sail! In my mind, the worst part of having bipolar disorder is the sense that you can’t accomplish anything. It’s that awful feeling when you make all these wonderful goals and tell yourself that you are going to be productive only to have anxiety and depression swallow you whole. Then you realize the… More When Life Is Difficult And Stigma Makes It Worse

BpHope Post #8

Ready. Set. Sail! Hey everyone. Just saw my pdoc and got my meds upped. Feeling really low. Lots of high levels of anxiety… I sat in the car today, dressed up in my cute little pink skirt and black blouse. Hair and makeup done up. I parked it in the garage and closed myself inside.… More BpHope Post #8

I Should Be Happy

Ready. Set. Sail! Here I am again…for the 500th time this week. Sorry I’ve been giving you guys so much reading material. Fuck! You think I’d learn to shut up! I feel so hollow. So damn lonely and sad. I wanna scream but I don’t have the energy. I’m lifeless and cold. A cloud of… More I Should Be Happy