You Have No Power In Therapy except omission and lies

A very honest account of the very unfortunate but real reality of how unequal the relationship between therapist and patient is.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

We do not have power in therapy.

You guys will love this

I had another session with my psychiatrist/therapist in which I brought up the question of the notes again.

If you are just tuning in to this story you can go to this post, I’m Calling Bullshit on Them..Where is Our Voice?

I had gotten it into my head that maybe I did want to do some “therapy”…that maybe it would be a good idea to process some of my story with one of them.

I actually had high hopes that he would consider what I had to say.



If you remember…I like my Pdoc (he also does therapy).  He is smart and respectful and knows his meds.  He is a very good very respected Doctor and it took me a long time to find a good one.

So yeah…

I thought maybe we would chat about…

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8 thoughts on “You Have No Power In Therapy except omission and lies

  1. I actually agree with the therapist here. I get the desire to see the notes, but also believe the trust is so important and if you’re lucky enough to find a therapist you trust, the notes aren’t so important to see.


    1. I really appreciate you sharing your opinion. This is definitely a heated issue as I’ve come to find out. MY main concern is the way he treated her when she asked and the fact that he couldn’t prove factually any studies that show how much it impacts therapy. I’m a charts/graphs kind of girl :-). There is no reason for him to be smug and rude if she is just concerned about his thoughts on her behaviors. I like my therapist and she doesn’t take notes but I can completely understand why it’d be nice to see what people think of you. I read you saying you love your therapist and I think that’s fantastic! I’m glad you have someone who you feel comfortable with and respected by. Thank you for commenting. I’m so glad you are doing well and the BPD is gone.

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      1. Oh, I agree with you there. I don’t go for smug/rude. I just kinda ‘got’ where the therapist was coming from in a way. I wouldn’t want my own therapist to feel like he couldn’t write whatever he felt the need to, but I get that there are probably times in the past with other therapists where I’d feel differently and would have a similar reaction. I’ve requested records in the past from other therapists and was not always happy with what they wrote, but I did find it interesting.

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  2. I don’t have anything profound or astute to say right now except that I love the fact the you and BipolarFirst/ Claya are connected and supportive of one another. It makes me really happy. I’ll go read this one more time more carefully and see what thoughts arise….

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  3. Okay, I think it’s a sign of intelligence that Claya wanted to see her notes…I honestly think it should be okay and a great point of discussion for the two of them if she wanted anything clarifyed, interpreted differently, etc. I think it’s a sign that the doctor/therapist feels insecure in some way to shut her down like that.

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    1. Yeah I did the same thing. I had to read it twice to really get what was going on. Honestly the guy is a douchebag. He may be intelligent and accredited but he has no bedside manner. A psychiatrist/therapist like that would trigger me. ‘”Who is losing?”….”You are”‘?!?! That’s unnecessary and unprofessional.

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