Missing Mania isn’t A Crime…Let’s go crazy

When I needed help, I had a wonderful Bipolar friend come lift me up out of the ashes. Thank you again Claya. It’s you and this wonderful blogging community that keeps me going. Keeps me fighting!

Bipolar First Bipolar Together


Let’s paint the town Red……Manic



at least I make myself laugh

I just also realized that that would only be funny if you had read my mania colors piece.


Jess and Sandra and I want to be red manic and go out! (this is pretend you guys)

You are invited too but you have to be okay with dancing on tables…

Have you ever noticed how much alcohol normies have to drink before they can dance….?


Anyway, my friend Jess over at Bipolar Compass misses her mania.  Like real bad.

She said it in all caps yo

With periods in between the words.

Now that is some serious shit right there.

And apparently she read my missing mania piece and it left her a tad um…discouraged.. oopsies

So let’s try another way.


I miss my mania too!

It isn’t a crime to…

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