Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

Heart breaking but true. Happiness is so hard to come by.

21 thoughts on “Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

  1. I miss him so much, his death absolutely devastated me and really shocked so many people and once again brought mental health into the spotlight. The constant flow of people’s conversations ‘but he was so funny!’ ‘he had so much money, what did he have to be depressed about?’ ‘he didn’t look the type’ etc.

    I grew up watching Robin Williams and it felt like losing a friend when he died.

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    1. I cried too when I heard. I think I cried more BECAUSE I’ve had suicidal thoughts before. When we’ve been there before, it hurts more because we know that darkness and how painful it can be. The justifications you mentioned only further the stigma that it’s just a “your life is amazing. Suck it up!” mentality. It’s true he was successful and funny but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t suffering. Feel bad for the guy.

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      1. Yeah same here seriously, people just do not get it, and when I hear those comments it only further confirms how I believe people perceive us with mental health problems. It just fucking sucks, I will always feel sad if I watch something with him in, it’s kind of bittersweet now. Sigh.

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  2. Being him, but a writer, and more talented, in the deeper way, I have nothing to say except jealousy he lasted so long and had such a stupid priveleged life. Not a Leftist. Fuck his mansion. Delete this shit if you want to. I won’t celebrate. Fucking celebrity sell out. Sorry buddy. Not a noble life.


    1. Not going to delete your comment. I don’t do that and I’m not that thin-skinned. That’s what I love about you Andrew. You’re honest. It’s my blog so feel free to say whatever you want and express your opinions. Tribe sticks together!🐋

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  3. Ha. Literally have no idea what I said!! No! I Do! What’s his name? Williams? Robin? Love you, buddy. Too ingratiatingly manic. I will endure. Sorry you just got drably caught got in the perma-hell of screens. Also I never found you genuinely funny, just oddly twitchy. Truth motherfuckers, while we in our sad graves. Beeps Lola
    Screaming Jean Steph Morgue Zoe Sass Capers BOSS!!

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