So You Wanna Be Bipolar? Here’s a handy dandy Checklist!

For all you nonbipolars out there, the ultimate checklist!
Sad to say that I answered no to only ONE of the criteria on the list.😐😑

Bipolar First Bipolar Together



This is for fun guys

We are pretending that we need to hire people to be Bipolar!

See just a game. NO ONE wants to be Bipolar

To be clear.  No Bipolar would answer true to any of these statements either. This is humor. Designed to convey the suckiness that is Bipolar.  No one is supposed to take away that we actually do this stuff on purpose.  But if a normie liked all this shit than they should trade places with one of us.



Thank you for your interest in becoming Bipolar. Before we proceed you need to complete this short questionnaire.

These are true or false statements.  Please answer “true”, “false”, or “Are you fucking kidding me?” to each item.

You need to be able to answer “true” to at least 300 of them in order to qualify for the next phase of the program.

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