“My Past Don’t Dictate Who I Am. I Choose” – I Choose (India.Arie)

Bipolar doesn’t give you much of a choice. It’s there to consume and overpower you and it has many tools and tricks with which to do that.

And it’s clever.

Whatever it uses, be it gloomy, lonely Fog or passionate, uncontrollable Fire; it’s a constant grueling battle for your sanity. So many of us try to describe it. Try to control it. And I’m sorry to say this but no amount of positive thinking will defeat the depression or satisfy the mania. Because it’s buried so deep within the muck of our own psyche. And it fucking reeks.

However. You are allowed a choice.

You have a choice to fight back against the motherfucker.

On the days when it’s not at the helm of my ship, I have the opportunity to choose. Today is the day…

…I choose to have peace of mind.

…I choose life over death.

…I choose the remarkable over the trivial.

…I choose resilience over failure.

…I choose to forget my past.

…I choose to accept my future.

Today, if only for one day

…I choose to be happy.

I Choose

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