Consumed By Fire: Fighting Back Against Bipolar Hypersexuality

Ready. Set. Sail!

Oh hell yeah!! Dropping Keys just published my article on my battle with hypersexuality! And left the “fuck”s in there too. 😀

(Warning: adult sexual content and graphic language):


18 thoughts on “Consumed By Fire: Fighting Back Against Bipolar Hypersexuality

  1. Congratulations!!!! Well done that is rad, I don’t know if I commented after reading it some time ago but I really was blown away, not just your honesty but at how relatable it was for me personally. A really important topic often shied away from, you absolutely nailed it. Major high five to you!

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    1. I understand!!! It’s a very tempting issue,…and can destroy good, established, relationships! Get appropriate help, stat!!!


  2. Belated congrats on getting this published and I’m glad they kept the “fucks” in too! :))))))) I know your words will help many others feel better about experiencing such a (stupidly) taboo-yet-super-common aspect of bp.

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      1. Aww, thanks! 🙂 Did you see that wacky photo Craig took of me holding the anthology before I supposedly 😉 went off Twitter? OMG -at least my chubby thighs were tightly squeezed together, LOL! On a more serious note, you’re absolutely right – we must keep fighting! And we need to take good care of ourselves as much as possible by staying away from the psychic vampires who dismiss our reality.

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      2. I just got super terrified when you said psychic vampires. Your legs are NOT chubby. You are a very fit and toned woman. My thighs are fit but they are way curvier than yours. I have an hourglass shape I’m proud of. Fit and curvy!

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      3. Okay, don’t get scared of you-know-what anymore! I’m so sorry! They don’t really exist, do they? Just figments of our brains….and thanks for the kind words about my legs.I’m thankful they work and can take me places – I’m strong. Fit and curvy is awesome!!!!!! It’s refreshing to read that you enjoy your beautiful-sounding hourglass shape and you’re inspiring me to be kinder to my own mortal coil!!!!!!! (Ah, the power of words to change our perspectives, eh? Love it!) Have a good night Lady J!

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