The Divine Gift: Gods And Godesses

Ready. Set. Sail!

Good morning to all! I thought I’d share a little knowledge I acquired not too long ago that is worth mentioning. For those of you who don’t know, the International Bipolar Foundation ran an article not too long ago talking about the how the ancient Greeks used to consider bipolar disorder as a divine gift from the gods! A divine gift! Wow! That’s WAY different than how we are looked at today. How fascinating. “Mania” and “melancholia” were among the first two diseases ever categorized. Even Socrates and Plato understood that mania was a divine state with various characteristics such as “erotic inspiration” sent from the god of love or “proteptic inspiration” derived from the Muses. They even go on to say that the god Apollo is the source of this divine inspiration!

Now doesn’t that sound perfect! Imagine. We are not stigmatized because the muggles and nonbipolars hate us. They are jealous! Jealous! Of our divinity. How awesome is that?! We are among a class of people that range from Virginia Woolf to Winston Churchill to Ludwig van Beethoven to Vincent van Gogh!

Well I can tell you one thing…I feel like a fucking goddess. The patients I befriended during my hospitalization, along with the doctors and therapists, thought I was a “warrior”, a “genius”, “gifted”, and “wicked smart.” And you know something, I think I believe it now. I’ve always been the smartest in my class. Valedictorian in high school. Honors in college. I’m a molecular biologist who can build a computer. I’m a gamer with a curvy fit body. I’ve been told so many times that I look “breathtaking” and “absolutely gorgeous” that I can’t even tell you a number. Being mixed Jamaican and white, I have a sultry exotic look. Picture Alicia Keys with lighter skin. People have told me that my eyes draw them in. I’m the sexy nerdy geek who will play games with you all night and still come home with a fat ass paycheck at the end of the day. Hustler. Diva. I’m the whole God damn package! Gold surges through my veins!!

Doesn’t that sound like the description of a goddess? Too bad I choose to remain anonymous. I’m 28 years old and life has barely just started revving up for me! Time to kick start this girl into gear! The cute meek little responsible Christian girl is dead. I think I’ve earned some naughty credits. I’m a fucking warrior with impeccable health. Ain’t nothing gonna bring me down without a fight!

So you wanna talk shit then back off. For all those of you who support me and are inspired by me keep it up. I love the praise. But you better watch your mouth! I’VE GOT A FUCKIN’ CHAINSAW!!! AND I’VE LOST MY GOD DAMN MIND!!!

Hey, you want WHAT with me?!
I’m gonna tell you one time,
don’t FUCK with me!
Get down!
Cause I ain’t got nothin’ to lose,
and I’m havin a bad day,
don’t make me take it out on you!

Maann, cause I don’t wanna do that. I wanna have a good time and enjoy my Jack.. sit back and watch the women get drunk
as hell, so I can wake up in the morning with a story to tell. I know it’s been a little while since I’ve been out the
house, but now I’m here.. you wanna stand around runnin’ yo’ mouth? I can’t hear nothing you sayin’ or spittin’, so what’s
up? Don’t you see we in the club?, man shut the fuck up!

(Yeek-Yeek Woop-Woop) Why you all in my ear? Talkin’ a whole bunch a shit that I ain’t tryin to hear.
Get Back! Motherfucker You don’t know me like that.
Get back! Motherfucker You don’t know me like that!
(Yeek-Yeek Woop-Woop) I ain’t playin’ around.. Make one false move, I’ll take you down.
Get back! Motherfucker You don’t know me like that.
Get back! Motherfucker You don’t know me like that!

25 thoughts on “The Divine Gift: Gods And Godesses

  1. I just realized two things, well maybe more, my dear. I’m a whopping 17+ years older than you – whoa! You strike me as such an old soul – you’re truly amazing. Because of that (your old-soul-ness!) I hope you don’t mind my baring y innermost thoughts here.

    I’ve “only” been living with the official bipolar peripartum one diagnosis since 2007, so that’s around 9 years…but since I grew up close to my Dad who suffered with bipolar his whole life, in some ways I feel like I’ve always been affected by bipolar from in utero on. If that makes sense.

    I’m sooooooo weary of bipolar. I hate it. Not just for how it affected/affects me, but mainly because of how it traumatized my little girls — from birth on in Rilla’s case, and Avonlea was a bit of 2 when I was first hospitalized…with six more times to come. I wish I could see bp as anything but evil, but I can’t. 😦

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    1. Oh. I’m sorry. Feel free to rant/divulge/etc.. Bipolar is something of an odd thing. I can understand why you hate it. You and your family have been so hurt by it. I look at it like as an abusive relationship. It’s fun when it’s on the up for me. I don’t mind that at all. But the thing that Claya mentioned a while back is it could be really closely tied to our overall personalities. It’s not really so much an entity separate from us as it is a energy that is both good and evil. However you view it is yours to own. Maybe because I haven’t had any horrible consequences yet, I don’t consider it that much of a nuisance. Because at the end of the day we are still breathing and it makes us stronger than we ever thought we could be.

      And you’re fine with the age thing. You’re healthy and beautiful. Numbers are numbers. It’s funny you mention the gap between us because I’ve always thought of myself as in my mid-30s. It’s weird I have 2 years of my 20s left.:-0

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      1. Thank you for being so open-minded!!!! I worried I might offend (yes, even with you!) You are definitely an old soul just like my Marilla and that’s super-cool. I don’t want you to have horrible consequences – challenging, okay, but not horrible!! You strike me as a natural teacher and will help people thought your writing, and if it appeals to you, in person. Ever thought of that?? XOXOX

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      2. A lot can happen, my friend, over the next decade. Mark my words! You can do whatever you set your mind to do – I’ll check back on this with you in 2025! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Love your post but..I have to there any chance that you are manic right now? I guess what you’re saying reminds me of me when I’ve been manic in the past, and manic signals danger to me. If none of this applies to you then please take what I say with a grain of salt.

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      1. Jess, I loved this post. It actually made me feel GOOD… which is not uncommon to occur when having contact with ‘manic people’ (goddesses). Everyone wants to feel GREAT – you deserve it. But unless I misread something in your last posting, I thought you acknowledged you were ‘high’.
        I agree with Dyane – your energy has huge potential and we are all hoping you harness it for positive things, and share some with us. But as you perfectly described from your previous episode… it can be extremely difficult to control. Take care, friend.

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      2. Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m getting really far up there. It’s hard to describe it but high is the only word I can think of. It’s like I feel high on life. If that makes sense. Lots of energy. Feel really good. Really good :-D. And basically just powerful. Hyper. Confident. If this helps. I guess like feeling the best you have ever felt…plus a little buzzed…only with mental “clarity”. Hard to describe what’s going on in here. Glad the post made you feel GOOD. I FEEL GOOD!!! Loving this!!!


  3. It’s interesting how society characterizes things differently at different points in time. I didn’t know that Greek society once held such beliefs, it was truly interesting to read! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I have
    read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
    Guess I’ll just bookmark this blog.


    1. Why thank you Marita! I really appreciate your comment. For real. I like the feedback. I’m taking a break right now. Been having a hard time writing lately. But if there is a topic you’d like me to cover in more detail or something you want me to say let me know. Thanks again!!! Can’t wait to hear more from you!


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