Suicide is not funny.


Fantastic post! I saw that and signed and retweeted the petition. Please go online and sign it!
They have a shirt that says Suicide Watch of one person standing on a chair with a noose around his neck and another guy sitting in a chair watching him with a bag of popcorn! I broke down and cried when I saw that. My dad is a Naval veteran who suffers from PTSD who was placed under suicide watch in our local VA hospital just two years ago. It wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now. Shame on you Amazon! Thanks for reminder!!

4 thoughts on “Suicide is not funny.

  1. Thanks to your bringing it to my attention on Twitter, I signed the Change petition to get Amazon to stop selling such crap in a heartbeat! This shirt is truly crazy – the fact tat some fool thought to market such a piece of offensive shit completely boggles my mind. Maybe the person has bipolar and has been psychotic in cooking up the shirt concept/production/marketing- I’m serious.

    Sorry to be a potty mouth, but that’s a part of me as you know! 😉
    Thanks for reposting this! Xo Dy

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      1. I just read that…..this kind of thing gets me SO MAD and it helped to channel that anger into signing the petition and retweeting; I’m stoked & feel empowered that I could do that! :)))))

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  2. Horrible.

    Amazon made it a point to remove all traces of the Confederate Flag but yet this is acceptable.

    Political correctness over common sense again.

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