Why I Hate Dentists: Deception And Greed

Ready. Set. Sail!

I can barely type right now. To say I’m a mess is an understatement. All the life has been drained out of my body. A ghost of myself. I can’t be any closer to death than I am now. Face full of tears. I just can’t do anything or go anywhere. I’m too afraid. Too depressed. Anxiety on the verge of explosion.

I called in sick after I got a phone call from my dentist (now ex-dentist). They said the procedure I got yesterday after work is actually now my responsibility to pay. They conveniently told me this AFTER I had it done. I asked them about 5 times. Twice on Saturday and 3 times last night, “Are you sure I don’t have to pay for this?”

“Yeah girl we got you covered. No worries. I’ll double check for you.”

Turns out that was wrong. During the phone call I asked why they lead me on when I asked them point blank if I had to pay. They said, “Oh no. We will honor the fees but YOU have to pay the bill.”

“Then what exactly did you make me sign on Saturday?”

“A statement saying you’re responsible for paying it.”

“So when I asked you if I didn’t need to pay, you straight up lied to me?”

“No we didn’t lie-”

“Yes! Yes you did lie! Isn’t that what you said, ‘That you were going to take care of me and work this out’?”

“Ma’am. We stopped taking your insurance.”

“I know you stopped. Then why would you go ahead and lie to me about payment. You said I didn’t have to pay. Do you remember saying ‘yes’ when I asked if I didn’t have to pay?”

“Yeah I remember saying that-”


*SLAMS PHONE DOWN* (metaphorically; I have a cell phone).

How can people be so deceptive?!?!? She lied straight to my face. Or rather used tricky language to get me to stick with a dentist that doesn’t respect me. Now they are probably laughing about the whole thing. Fucking cunts! I don;t give a rat’s ass what you or anybody else thinks, I was straight up lied to!!! Goddamn motherfucking cunts and their stupid ass back-handed attempts to get some extra cash. They can all just shove that fucking pick they used to scrape my teeth last night and shove it repeatedly up their asses until they cry out in pain.

You bet your ass I’m fucking pissed!! I’m seething harder than I have in a long LONG time.

I’m so triggered right now I’m afraid if someone even looks at me funny I’ll stab them straight in the neck. I’m not kidding. I’ll fucking do it. Good thing my husband told me to stay inside the house today.

……..there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how angry I am….

…not enough…

…no one better say anything remotely stupid in the comments section or I’ll rain down a torrent of hate so bad it’ll make your head spin….

….I MEAN IT!!!

This post might actually be deleted at some point because I can’t even go back and reread what I just wrote for fear of a retrigger. So this may not be up for long.

I’m going to lie in my bed and think about how I’m going to afford my husband’s 30th birthday present now that this has been taken from me.

Fuck off world!!! Just go fuck yourself off!!!

39 thoughts on “Why I Hate Dentists: Deception And Greed

  1. I haven’t gone since they told me a crown is a few thousand bucks and I needed two of them. Now the teeth have cracked beyond that procedure and would need implants. Think I’ll just have them pulled. Dentist from when I was a kid did a really crappy job with the fillings and they are eroding, who knows, maybe he did a good job and they’re just old. Anyway I can’t afford a couple thousand for my mouth right now. I mean wth, he’s not putting gold in there! They make you sign forms because it’s like taking out a fucking car loan. I mean, I love the teeth cleaning but don’t ever let your teeth start to fall apart, even though I grind my teeth so I can’t avoid that. I grind them because I can’t afford to have them fixed. Sorry, I agree it’s shitty they did you like that.

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    1. About crowns and greedy dentists… My dentist told me I needed a greater than $1000 crown. While trying to figure out how to pay for this, a friend told me that my insurance might pay 100% of a stainless steel crown. They did! It’s in the back, so no one can see, not that I’d really care. The greedy dentist tries to get me to replace it with an expensive porcelain crown every time I go in for a cleaning. I should switch dentists, but everyone in the family really likes her.

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  2. What fucktards!!!! Is there some sort off consumer complaints commission you could go to? I just wouldn’t pay it. They said they would sorry it out with your insurance, and that you didn’t have to pay, so they can either DO that, out they can write it off. Their choice. Call them back (when you feel a bit calmer- or get hubby to call rather) and give them their options. Arseholes!

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    1. My husband just paid. He told me we will find a way to afford it. He drove over there and ripped them a new asshole though. I’ll look into complaints at some point. I feel dead right now. Drinking my sorrows away at noon. Whatever.

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      1. I’m really glad that he went over there and complained in the office. If there is something I learned in business is that bad reviews spread much quicker than good reviews. Find a way to review this horrible experience (the whole thing), maybe have your hubby write it, and then post it EVERYWHERE. As long as it is well written and not explosive it will have a lot of impact.

        I am so sorry that those assholes added insult to injury. They really treated you quite shabbily from start to finish.


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      2. Just don’t do a scathing review or link to one on Facebook. A local business (even worse than your or my dentists) had a link I posted on Facebook to a bad review (just a link, not the article itself) removed and then I got a letter telling me that this violated the terms of service, as the review “didn’t involve the core services provided” and that if I ever did this again, my account would be terminated. I couldn’t get a response from anyone at Facebook about this issue. The owner of the business got away with a felony involving hurting his competitors which put one of them out of business, as reported in the newspaper article I linked to. He didn’t get the newspaper to take down the report though.

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  3. Hang in there. The medical establishment talks in code. Pay them one dollar a day until it’s paid off. Take a hot Epsom salts bath. Put on the Blues. Get laid. If so inclined, drink a glass of really good wine. Take a hike. Oh. And Moon them!

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  4. Wish I could add to what has already been said but it has been said so well I will just let you know I can relate, I am still here, and still sending hugs 😜

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  5. jess, I’m a friend of Dyane’s. I’m going thru a 25k dental thing myself and last week almost got railroaded into a 10k pain relief procedure. I can’t remember why Dyane thought we should correspond but I saw you follow me and thanks. I think I returned favor. Let me see if I can find your email.

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    1. Hi Allison. Yeah Dyane is a sweetheart but I’m not sure what she’s up to half the time. Thanks for the follow. I liked your article on your BFF. It’s really cool that you met her in a behavioral health center. It’s amazing the kind of people we bump into. Anyways, looking forward to writing for bpHope as well. Sorry about your dental bills. They really just suck sometimes.


      1. I met my wife at a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) support group meeting. That’s been 14 years ago and we’ve been married almost 10 years. It’s been great. We met our best friend in a psych ward. Weird how these things work out. Just last night I read an article on a science site about how people with mental illness often marry each other, which their research shows is not true of other illnesses. I’m thinking of writing a blog post about this, but may not, as I’m very busy right now.

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