***Quick Update***

Ready. Set. Sail!


I’m back!! I just got home after going inpatient for the past 4 days. I feel much better and I want to just say thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH to EVERYONE who sent hugs, love, prayers, peace, etc. to me. I’m so grateful with how many people responded with love and support. You guys have no idea how much I missed you. Take care and I’ll be back to blogging post haste!


39 thoughts on “***Quick Update***

  1. Yeah! You’re back! Did they set you up with some sort of intensive follow-up, like the partial hospitalization they put me in last fall, 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week. Quite a commitment, but I got to see a therapist every day and a Dr. often. It was very worth it. In any case I’m glad you went and even more glad you feel better.

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    1. Hey Jim! Thanks I feel so much better. I’m on a good set of meds right now. I did intensive outpatient back in November for 3 weeks so I have the coping skills I need to fix the shit in my life. I just needed a real change in my meds and that’s what I got. I’m happy and will be resting the rest of the week and going back to see my therapist and pdoc this week.


      1. Glad they got the meds sorted out. I’m often amazed what a stay in the hospital can do for me. I hate going in and being there, but it has always helped. Last fall I was the only truly social/verbal person there (the first time this has happened) and I was there 7 days. Nothing but books and bad cable TV. They took the colored pencils away after an “incident”, and the crayons were totally cruddy, so not even coloring. Very boring, but peaceful.

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  2. Very, very pleased to hear this update. One day I am reading your thoughtful comment on my post about Boomerang apologies and the next day I read you are going into hospital – I knew you were struggling but this did come as a slight shock. Sounds like it was an excellent move. Sending you healing vibes, like everyone here!

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    1. Thanks Hubby. I was trying to hold it together but things jut kept building and eventually I just couldn’t take it. I wanted the pain to stop. So Dyane reached out to me and convinced me to go to the hospital, even though I hated the idea. I’m feeling much better and I’m so grateful for yours and everyone’s support. I hope this is a good turning point for me. Seems like the new meds are really working.

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