Anchored to the fate of my life

This is an absolutely mind-blowing post about the true struggle of someone who is bipolar. I highly recommend you give this beautiful and succinct post a read. It gave me hope and lifted me up today when I really needed it.

Pieces of Bipolar

not normalYou will know no strength like that of a bipolar. It’s a force of will forged over a lifetime of endurance. Breath by breath, hour by hour, day by day, year in and year out, is her constant struggle to endure the pain that lies deep within her brain.

No single human can break her. For she has faced the storms of life, seen the light at the end and powered through to the other side, alive. She lives where angels fear to tread. Her mind, cast in duality, strives to kill her by coercion and subtle, whispered doubt, eroding her soul like a storm. Human judgment and stigma, shaped by ignorance and intolerance, violate her very life force.

But no bipolar worth their salt and lithium will go down quietly. She is born a warrior. She is born a survivor. She is born to face the dark and walk…

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3 thoughts on “Anchored to the fate of my life

  1. You are both amazing writers!
    I’m so glad that Pieces of Bipolar could help you with this post, especially as I know Pieces has recently had a rough fews days…..
    sending you each my love & big hug.
    p.s. of course I retweeted it within 5 seconds of seeing it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, sweetie! I’m so sorry about the rough days. :((( Shit. I just gave some virtual love over at Pieces of Bipolar’s blog thanks to your kind reblog, so dammit, I believe that you deserve some good juju coming back your way!!!

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