Anchored to the fate of my life

This is an absolutely mind-blowing post about the true struggle of someone who is bipolar. I highly recommend you give this beautiful and succinct post a read. It gave me hope and lifted me up today when I really needed it.

3 thoughts on “Anchored to the fate of my life

  1. You are both amazing writers!
    I’m so glad that Pieces of Bipolar could help you with this post, especially as I know Pieces has recently had a rough fews days…..
    sending you each my love & big hug.
    p.s. of course I retweeted it within 5 seconds of seeing it! 😉

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    1. As per usual. You never fail me on the retweets. I’ve actually had a really rough couple days as well. Debating on whether to blog about it now or not. When the wound heals, I’ll let you know what’s up.

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      1. Okay, sweetie! I’m so sorry about the rough days. :((( Shit. I just gave some virtual love over at Pieces of Bipolar’s blog thanks to your kind reblog, so dammit, I believe that you deserve some good juju coming back your way!!!

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