BpHope Post #2

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hello hello and good morning!!! I’d love to share with you guys my second BpHope article on this lovely Thursday morning.This one is a little more serious and something I’ve been wanting to write for myself for a long time. I hope you guys like it. It’s an informal letter to myself the next time I get into a really low depression:


Suicide claims 1 in 5 of us every year. The tribe slowly dwindles. We can slow that number down if we can help each other and be there for each other. Bipolar doesn’t have to be something that defeats us.

One person who is standing against that statistic is my friend and U.S. Air Force Veteran Lisa L. Reed. Her blog The Bipolar Alphabet is about to launch a 28 day posting schedule from Tuesday, May 3rd through Thursday, June 9th to raise awareness for bipolar disorder and fight stigma. Her Kickstarter campaign will take those posts, along with her original paintings, and make a beautiful hardcover picture book that she wants to share with you.

If you want some blog promotion, she promises to do a shout out AND your name in the book for those of you who donate under the correct pledge amount as well as several other reward levels.

Lisa believes that “everyone with bipolar disorder has the means to have a voice to fight for their wellbeing.” Help her fight the stigma and bring the tribe a little more recognition for all our hard work. Reblog. Share on Social Media. Donate!!

Hurry, the campaign ends March 30th!!

(World Bipolar Day)

7 thoughts on “BpHope Post #2


    I encourage everyone to go over there and read & comment.

    I wrote:

    “I studied “Don Quixote” at U.C. Santa Cruz, so you had me at the opening quote!

    I often tell people that having bipolar disorder is like having a demanding job. It takes skills required for an incredibly challenging position, i.e. a flight controller or surgeon: vigilance is at the core. Anyone who lives with bipolar disorder is someone to respect and learn from and to support – not someone to shame and vilify

    Beautifully, lyrically written. Thank you for being so honest about your recent struggle just a month ago, and thanks for such an empowering, inspiring article!”

    So proud of you “Guts of Steel”! No one writes like you do!

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    1. I’m so so happy you liked it. I saw “Don Quixote” as an Italian Opera a couple years ago and was blown away by that quote. I had to include it in here. This post took me a while to write so I’m glad it’s touched people. Hope people respond well to it. Love you Dyane.

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  2. Great article. Everytime I read the 1 in 5 suicide statistic it hurts. I’ve been tempted to snuff out my life so many times, but I’m glad something has always held me back. (I was hospitalized twice for it.) BpHope is lucky to have you.

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    1. Im so glad you didn’t snuff out your life. No one with this disorder should. It’s fucking tough but it’s not impossible and the more people hear that the easier it’ll be on them. Glad you liked my article! Thank you so much for your support!!!! 😀

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