Letter To My Fellow Bipolar Soldiers

Ready. Set. Sail!

Happy World Bipolar Day everyone.

Yes it’s a happy day. It’s a magnificent day to be alive. You made it! You fought back against the condescending and cruel Fog that clouded your judgement. Called you weak. Worthless. You stood up under immense pressure and said, “Enough!” You fought back. Told yourself you were worth it. Worth every molecule of oxygen that enters your body. That you deserve a chance. You probably thought it was over. That no one could forgive you for what you’ve done. The Fire that drove you to make those horrible decisions. But you came through. Burnt and exhausted you fought back and became stronger.

On this day, if only for today, allow yourself the peace of mind that you conquered bipolar. That it’s not winning. Because every breath you draw, you are fighting the demons. You are winning. And that my friends, is a miracle.

Keep fighting. It’s a pleasure serving with you.



16 thoughts on “Letter To My Fellow Bipolar Soldiers

  1. It’s too bad we can’t be armed like real soldiers, with kevlar that works on bipolar. Because today..I am feeling pretty un soldier like and defeated.

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  2. Love you J!

    Thank you for writing this post, my friend.

    I’m just taking it easy this afternoon, and watching PBS’ “Ride the Tiger” on my computer as I don’t get PBS on my television.

    I shared over at Vic’s blog,

    “Right now I’m watching a preview of a very cool documentary about bipolar called “Ride the Tiger” on PBS. It premieres in early April. As I watch it, I’m learning about new technologies that I’ve never heard about before. It’s fascinating.”


    I think you’d like it because they talk a lot about MAPS (!), i.e. the map of the human brain, & they show lots of cool graphics….



    1. Wait what? I’m a little confused. I’m sorry about the stuff that’s happened to you. I don’t want you to shut up or go away Allison. You’re a warrior and I know you’re going to fight and be strong for all of us.

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