Only Hope

Ready. Set. Sail! No one here will ever know how much I truly love my husband! Not even close! And that’s a darn shame. Because he is a hero in my opinion and worthy of every praise. I’ll never stop fighting for him. I don’t deserve him but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving. I’ll fight … More Only Hope

Fuck My Goddamn Life!

Ready. Set. Sail!   CT: Good evening and welcome to another exciting edition of Fuck My Goddamn Life! I’m your host Chip Tastic! Let’s go ahead and meet our contestants: CT: She’s a soybean farmer from rural Nebraska, say hello to Margy SoSweet!! MSS: Moisture and drainage people! That’s how you get the best darn crops! … More Fuck My Goddamn Life!

BpHope Post #4

Ready. Set. Sail! I’ve seriously been up to my ears in shit to do so give me a break. I’ll update everyone on my personal status sometime Monday. I hope that things are going well for all of you. Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Please leave me your status updates in the comments below!! I … More BpHope Post #4

BpHope Post #3

Ready. Set. Sail! 3rd times the charm as they say! Well gang, it’s time for another edition of Jess’s bpHope rants. Hope ya’ll are excited for another round! Let’s do-si-do and all that other horse manure and put our cowboy hats on and stuff….I don’t know. It’s early! And I’m in my car in the … More BpHope Post #3