Feeding The Fire: Battle Against The Snake

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hello my fellow heathens. My people. My tribe. This is the ultimate battle. And I’m here to give you a FRONT SEAT!!! Warning: Splash Zone! This is the tale of Jess vs The Snake.

Yes you bet ya…I contacted the Snake. I wandered back into the Forbidden Forest. No I’m not proud of myself. But I’m tired of running. He needs to get his and I need to get mine. I’m tired of being under his spell. I need to face him head on.

So I arm myself with sword and shield. Cloaked in determination. To stop this beast in his tracks. I’m not afraid anymore. Neither will I hide. I’ll make it my mission to extinguish this Snake out of my territory. He won’t win. Because I won’t let him.

I’m tired of the bullshit. He takes and takes and destroys relationships in the process. He even told me just a day ago, “I will always want you. I’m bad for you. And if you slip, I’ll bite”

…”if you slip. I’ll  bite.”

Hahahahaha! Doesn’t that sound like a Snake? Tell me it doesn’t. I like this game. I know I’m playing with Fire. But I’m tired. I’m tired of running. Running away from my problems. I want to face this beast head on and dismantle him. I’m being cautious and safe. I have the support of Nancy and that’s all I need. I want to come out victorious.

This is it. I’m done being afraid and vulnerable. I need to stop this now before it becomes a recurring theme.

Trust me and believe in me. I need your strength. Help me defeat this demon.

Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Feeding The Fire: Battle Against The Snake

  1. He’s a demon indeed, and “If you slip, I’ll bite”???? Seriously? Who talks like that? The guy sounds like he’s a little too full of himself and needs to be treated like the child that he is….”If you slip, I”ll bite”….what is he, 12? You got this Jess. You’re a mature, extremely intelligent woman. Bipolar or not, kick this kid to the curb, and dumb the garbage can over his head.

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    1. I’m trying Sandra. The kid won’t budge. But I’m not giving up!! Thanks for your support dear.

      And yeah…what’s up with that? He is supposed to be 8 years younger than me NOT 18!!


  2. An epic way to write. I have shared your post on my FBook as I support you fully. I hope that is OK with you my friend.

    I love the words chosen. I love a good writer.

    As I said to you last week, I love the Bipolar Compass.


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  3. If anyone can do it, it’s you!!!!!!!

    And I totally agree with Sandra about the 12-year-old aspect of his snake-y personality/comment!

    You’re on your way to achieving your dreams, hell, you have a massive head start!

    Don’t less this demon boy fuck you up! He ain’t worth it.

    Glad that you have Nancy in your corner, and we’re all rooting for you too, Jess!!!

    Love you!!!!

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      1. SO glad to hear you say that. I can tell you mean it, friend!!!!

        p.s. he can kissssssssssssssss-hissssss my strong (notice I didn’t put it down?) ass! 😉

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