BpHope Post #5

Ready. Set. Sail!


Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Shit hit the fan a few nights ago. My husband finally let loose all the bottled up pent up emotions he has been hiding for the past 8 months and let me have it. I haven’t even done anything in a month. Well whatever. It’s not like I didn’t deserve it or see it coming. He was a little too calm about the whole ordeal anyways. He wrote his first blog post about it. Haven’t read it. Fuck if I’m going to share it on my site.

Here is the new bpHope post:


Funny I wrote this about a week ago but it’s still relevant. God doesn’t care about me if He/She ever did. I’m on my own.

Wish me and my husband luck on marriage counseling. We start in a couple weeks.

I’ll try not to die before then.


10 thoughts on “BpHope Post #5

  1. In my experience, if a man is willing to do the counseling thing and stick with it more than a session or two…they’re interested in working things out.

    Good luck.

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  2. I’m so sorry the shit hit the fan; at least you had a sense it was coming and wasn’t totally caught off guard (give yourself credit for that! I like what morgueticiaadams wrote – that’s a very good sign..
    Good luck with the counseling — I’ll hop over to bphope & visit your new post soon.
    XOXO you!

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  3. I’m sorry things are going rough Jess, but I really agree with what Morgue said. My hubby holds in everything too and he’s going to be going to therapy with me once a month and maybe even on his own.

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