The Real Truth About People On Disability And Food Stamps

My fellow tribe members…Morgue beautifully articulates EXACTLY the point I was getting at in my last post. Fuck the freeloaders but judge not lest you be judged. Everyone has a story and everyone needs help every once in a while. Moral of the story…don’t be a dick!

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(I like the 6:57 point where it compares what the country spends on war vs how little goes toward assistance for the poor. Less than 10% taxes used on needy families vs over 700 billion on war.)

Even if you are not on disability or food stamps…This video offers an enlightened view of those of us who are.

Am I going to claim everyone on disability is actually deserving? Nope. I have watched my whole life when slackers claiming injuries collect disability, all the while doing everything they claim they can’t do at a job. I have watched people get disability pay and spend it all on partying.

Same for food stamps. *Some* people do work the system and it is wrong and maddening.

It is unfair and cruel to lump ALL recipients into this category. Do you know our personal situation? Do you know us personally?

The fact is…

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5 thoughts on “The Real Truth About People On Disability And Food Stamps

  1. I was on food stamps for a short time and it was humiliating. I tried to purchase things as nonchalantly as possible so that others couldn’t see that’s what I was doing. How dare someone confront someone else using them w/o knowing their circumstances.

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