BpHope Post #6

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hey there people. Sorry I’ve been gone again. Dealing with more marital issues. Just kinda sick of having to listen to all the hurtful language and deal with the punishments I’ve been getting. I don’t want to go into too much detail but I don’t know if standing up for myself in my marriage is the correct thing to do. I feel too guilty to say anything about the stuff that offends me. Oh well. Here is my latest post.


I’ve kinda mixed state lately. Been going through some temptations but nothing serious. I came up with a list for people if they want to know specifically how I deal with temptation and tackle my hypersexuality. Let me know what you think in the comments and any feedback you can give me about staying strong in marriage. Thanks.


15 thoughts on “BpHope Post #6

  1. My husband and I hit rough patches because of my moods flying all over the place. He has started going to therapy with me once a month and will probably start going on his own as well. It really has made a difference. Sometimes he is more willing to listen to Karen than he is to me and sometimes she just explains stuff better.

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  2. I left a message on bpHope, but here’s what I said:

    I’ve struggled with hypersexuality as well. The list is great, but the biggest struggle I have is the one you said is the hardest to do – limiting triggers. It’s not safe to even watch commercials these days. I do the best I can, but it’s hard to avoid them.

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  3. I’m on the other side of the fence (my husband has bipolar disorder) but the one big thing that is helping is my own therapy. My therapist is the only one who can hear me out without consequences. I’ve been going weekly since his hospitalization a couple of months ago (it was his first) and it has made such a difference for me to be able to talk openly about how I feel. If your husband isn’t going to individual therapy or attending family support groups (I’m trying to find a good local one through NAMI or DBSA), I would highly recommend it. When my husband gets more stable, we’ll probably go to marriage counseling as well.

    For me personally, I want to know when I say something hurtful to my husband (I may have a hard time hearing it but I do want to know). Just because he has done and said hurtful things doesn’t mean that I have the right to do and say hurtful things. If I want to be able to tell my husband when he does or says something that is hurtful, then he deserves the same right. Sometimes I need reminding that he’s just as hurt and scared as I am if not more so.

    I do want to thank you for your blog and your BP Hope posts. One of the ways I’m coping is to learn as much as I can and I appreciate your openness about your challenges.

    Hang in there!

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    1. Hi Lori. I really appreciate you letting me know how you feel and what’s going on in your life. I commend you for staying with your husband through the bipolar. It’s not easy and you need to make sure to take care of yourself if the marriage is going to work. My husband did try individual therapy for a few months but ended up having to stop. The therapist was trying to break us apart! Hopefully he can find someone else that works for him.

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my BpHope posts and my blog. I hope I’m helping you. Please don’t hesitate to stay in contact. Take care of yourself!😊


  4. Great tips! How did you get to write for BPHope?
    As for marriage tips… I’m not sure what the problems are that you are encountering, but I hope you see your self-worth. We all deserve to be love and respected. If you are not getting that in your marriage, you may want to think about your options. I hope you find peace in this situation soon.

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    1. Thanks Iggy. I probably was a little too vague about it but I kinda needed to write something down. I’ll post about it tomorrow probably. I do need to find my self-worth. I’m having trouble just being happy where I am. Thank you for your encouraging words.

      Oh and as for BpHope, I’m friends with one of the other bloggers and she recommended me. I absolutely love writing for them and reading their articles. Big fan.

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  5. Obviously I’m a complete wreck at all times, except for the eight hours a day I spend hunched over sentences. But the other times! Yes! Very hard. A lot of sad. A lot of forlorn. I go to bed most night with no answers, dread, remorse for poor behavior (eg intoxicated assholery), and a book or a song that at last recollects my green beginning. I guess that’s for me what’s most important. No matter how shitty our childhoods (mine was not shitty) we had our green beginning, our aboriginal childhood, we were born as Real People. If I ever get around to writing about bipolar, that’s what I will emphasize. Just that we maintain a connection to that green, clean, bright, and alert beginning. Which fucks us now. And was a great benefit to our cronies back then, in the Pleistocene. Keep it up Jess! You got guts.

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  6. ***Good luck*** tomorrow with therapy!!!! I really do think it will help; Craig & I have worked with a a couple therapists and it was all essential. I’ll be thinking of you lots, sweet one. XOXOX Love you!

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