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Ready. Set. Sail!

Hello everyone. It’s Jess. Duh! And I’m a little bored and I’m kinda out of ideas on what to blog about. So…here is the deal. I know some of you probably have some questions about who I am and what I’m thinking/feeling right now (or maybe you are just like “meh, she’s entertaining enough but I could give a flying fuck”). In that case you are a jerk and I’m sad and I’m going to go into a corner and cry. I’m not your fucking monkey! I don’t dance until I have AT LEAST 14 bananas and a cigarette (JK I don’t smoke. There goes one of your questions!).

No for realzies, ask me anything. Anything at all. I’ll post the answers anonymously in my next post. No question is too personal or sexual or controversial. Just leave my husband and friends Nancy and The Dragon out of it. Those questions WILL BE IGNORED!

Let’s try an example:

“Hey Jess. I have a question. Would you rather have sex with a unicorn or Bigfoot?”

Unicorn. Hands down. Bigfoot sounds too large and I can just hear my hips cracking under the weight. Plus, unicorns have the horn and you can do some REAL KINKY SHIT with that! (bowchickawowow!)

Cool so let’s play. You have until Sunday @ 11:59PM PST.

First person to ask a question gets a blowjob (Hahaha…no! Jk)

23 thoughts on “Ask Me A Question…Anything

  1. Ummmmmm ok . I’ll ask a question but skip the blow job. I notice that no matter what meds have been prescribed to me, I feel that they do not work, the latest being lithium. My hypersexuality and my irritability are what scare me the most. Have you found a way to cope with “these issues” on the days that the meds do not work or you think they arent working?

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    1. Yeah Chris! Glad to hear from you. That’s a really good question.

      I find that the meds don’t work for me. I’m either in severe depression or I’m on antidepressants (low low dosages) and I’m hypersexual. It’s awful. I really wish there was something that could calm it down without leaving me feeling empty and alone.

      Hypersexuality is the worst.


  2. Jess, I just want to thank you, for your blog posts. I’m in nearly the exact same boat as you. I’m on Welbutrin and Neurotin, at the moment, for my depression and bipolar I I. The combination of the two do a somewhat good job of keeping be as balanced as can be expected. Hypersexuality is my biggest issue, at the moment. Before discovering your blog, I didn’t know there was even a name for it! I just thought I was crazy. It really helps me to know that I’m not a freak or the only one with this problem. It also helps my wife understand my behavior and, together, we’re working on ways to reduce or eliminate triggers. I’m beyond fortunate to have her. A lesser person would’ve hit the road years ago! Anyway, I appreciate the work you do and the bravery it must take to bare your soul to the world. Thank you

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    1. AWWWW!! Marcus you are soooo sweet!! Thank you for your kind words and supporting and learning from my experiences. It’s always good news to hear from people who have the same struggles. Hang in there. Your wife is an angel for staying and fighting with you. Same for my husband. I hope you have a great weekend and keep in touch!! Take care😄


  3. Has any readers heard about or tried some of the new experiments involving physidelic mushrooms ,they are getting amazing credited results treating depression

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  4. Is the deadline up? My concept of time is FUBAR. Q: If you could be any kind of feline, which one and why? Myself, I would be a female tiger but that could just be ‘cos of my tattoo…

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  5. Jess. I have read your posts on BP Magazine and they inspire me. I am married for over 30 years, love my wife, but want to have sex with other women. I have rapid cycle bipolar II and the hypersexuality gets extreme where that is all I think about. Like you, I have been promiscuous and hate it. I am obsessed with one woman that lives hundreds of miles away. I keep thinking about her even though I have not spoken to her in over a year. We had a temporary relationship during conferences where we both attended. How can I get her out of my mind and find interest in being intimate with my wife again?

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    1. That’s the million dollar question isn’t it. I wish I knew. I’m in the exact same situation. I want to have sex with other men even though I love my husband. The one guy I keep going back to I’m still thinking about and can’t stop. He takes over my mind some days and all I want to do is give in and see him. Fortunately for you the girl you like is far away. I’ll let you know when I figure out how to restore that desire for intimacy for your spouse.

      Thanks for the question. That’s the best one I’ve gotten. Makes me feel like less of a bad person the fact that we share the same problem.


      1. Thank you Jess. We would be dangerous together in the same location. I wish I were the first question for the incentive you offered (just kidding). I enjoy being funny and getting a lot of attention for my humor, especially from women. When my wife and I are out at a bar with friends, I hang around the women as the men bore me with their sports talk. I relate better to women but deep down it is because I want to get in their pants. LOL Joking aside, I hate this feeling. Like you, I think about this woman day and night. One thing I have been doing that is helping somewhat is that every time I think of her, which is about 20 times a day, I replace her image in my mind with that of my wife. Try that and see if it works. What is really weird is that I want to have sex with my wife, and think about it often, but when together I just shut down and cannot get excited. I have even gone as far as picturing this women in my head when having sex with my wife. I feel so bad and guilty for that as my wife is my angel. She saved me from a suicide attempt last year. Without her I would not be writing this comment.

        Wouldn’t it be funny if someone in our situation would post the following on a dating site: “Caucasian male with bipolar II and constant hyper sexuality seeking any color woman with bipolar II and hyper sexuality.”

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      2. Don’t you even joke about us being in the same location Chris! I’m into white guys anyways. It wouldn’t end well for us and we’d both regret it. My husband takes care of me and loves me more than I feel he should. I want to stay with him but yeah you’re right about losing excitement when I’m around him. I crave the dangerous and the naughty yet I don’t get that from him. I’ll try your technique next time I think about the dude I’m missing. Thanks so so much! Fun talking to you.


  6. One thing I am very proud of is being in constant learning mode. I read articles and self-help daily related to being bipolar and how to control the urges and mood swings. My therapist is also impressed with how much I have learned and how to eliminate the triggers. Hyper sexuality is my biggest concern right now and I too look for the naughty, nasty, and everything in between. One thing I did read is that having sex with a hyper sexual person is the best sex you will ever get. We are not afraid to try anything. Get this…I convinced my wife to have a threesome with the woman I obsess about and it was great. At least for me it was. It ended up hurting my wife and left permanent distrust in our marriage. The thing is I would probably do it again because this urge is so damn hard to resist. We should communicate more outside of this forum and learn from each other. It helps to have a BP buddy system. You have my email address used for these comments. Feel free to communicate. The closest I would ever get to you is San Francisco or Los Angeles. Those are two offices I would be visiting for work. I used to travel to San Diego often for a previous job and thankfully not anymore as this would not end well. 😉

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  7. Yeah so I’m a month late and missed out on all the um, ah, er, …excitement. But I do have a questionWhat do you do when you’re super depressed? I tried to escape yesterday, and for a while I thought I was OK but then today came and it’s back with a vengeance.

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    1. Super depressed? You mean that low low pit of despair where you feel nothing and life is an empty void and everything is meaningless? If that’s it, then I basically hide under the protection of my covers and cry. There really isn’t anything I’ve figured out when I’m in that state other than give in to it. Med changes follow quickly after that because I call my pdoc.

      I know that definitely doesn’t help you and I’m so sorry you’re in that state Deon. I hope it will pass soon if it already hasn’t.

      Hugs my friend.

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      1. I went to the library and it kind of helped a little. It was quiet and I didn’t have any requirements hanging overhead and nothing fell apart. I turned up the Metallica and closed my eyes until the young ones had to go to their next engagement. Sometimes reading helps, sometimes music helps. I went to church and that definitely didn’t help.

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      2. Some people might. I did for years, until it got really crushingly bad. But yes, they’re oblivious. Thanks for your encouragement. That actually helps, since i missed out on the other, um, proposition(!). That’s actually making me laugh, which is almost always a good thing, too.

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