Answers To Your Questions!

Ready. Set. Sail!

I did promise to answer your questions and I plan on it. Here we go!:

“I notice that no matter what meds have been prescribed to me, I feel that they do not work, the latest being lithium. My hypersexuality and my irritability are what scare me the most. Have you found a way to cope with “these issues” on the days that the meds do not work or you think they arent working?”

  • I find that the meds don’t work for me. I’m either in severe depression or I’m on antidepressants (low low dosages) and I’m hypersexual. It’s awful. As far as coping, I basically just try and limit my triggers as much as possible. That’s all I can really figure out to do. I really wish there was something that could calm it down without leaving me feeling empty and alone. Hypersexuality is the worst.

“Has any readers heard about or tried some of the new experiments involving physidelic mushrooms ,they are getting amazing credited results treating depression”

  • I’ll leave the floor open to everyone for this question because I don’t know. Sounds kinda cool though!

“You mentioned that meds don’t work for you. Does that mean you don’t take any psychiatric meds at all?”

  • I do take psychiatric meds but haven’t found the right combo to keep me stable. That’s why I think they don’t work. Or at least they aren’t right now.

“If you could be any kind of feline, which one and why? Myself, I would be a female tiger but that could just be ‘cos of my tattoo…”

  • I’d be a saber tooth tiger because I’d like to be physically strong for a change.

“I am obsessed with one woman that lives hundreds of miles away. I keep thinking about her even though I have not spoken to her in over a year. We had a temporary relationship during conferences where we both attended. How can I get her out of my mind and find interest in being intimate with my wife again?”

  • That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? I wish I knew. I’m in the exact same situation. I want to have sex with other men even though I love my husband. The one guy I keep going back to I’m still thinking about and can’t stop. He takes over my mind some days and all I want to do is give in and see him. Fortunately for you the girl you like is far away. I’ll let you know when I figure out how to restore that desire for intimacy for your spouse.

Well it looks like I got some really interesting and varied questions. Thank you guys for that! I’ll have to do it again some time!

9 thoughts on “Answers To Your Questions!

  1. OK I can help here. Firstly grateful to Jess for answers. So honest,
    I’ll be brutally honest, but some references to sex required, as Jess is obsessed with sex (!), as are some readers!
    Obsessions can be dealt with by a Tricyclic Anti Depressant like Anafranil. This med is 50 years old. It kicks OCD in the backside. Taking this with Efexor (high dosage for Dopamine purposes) can-reduce sex 8- to nil instances. Ask the Dr though.

    Meds- Mood Stabilisers, guys?? Depakote or a formulation of Sodiuk Valporate are certainly worth a try and the second suggestion would be a trial of Tegretol or Trileptal . Obviously speak to your clinician , these are just general Aidan thoughts!

    Feline-Jess you strike me as improving, but certainly confident and confident with your body. If you will excuse the pun , some “exposure therapy” testing oneself gently in situations to increase confidence (with therapist support), most commonly.

    Regarding obsessing over a lady hundreds of miles, Jess gives best advice, Jess, for yourself, I’m 6ft3 and played rugby, come to me!!!
    Only joking, think of your marriage, think of your husband, think of commitment and honesty and blog more , so we can support you and read your genius.

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  2. I agree with my buddy Bradley! And Leslie! (I don’t know Aidan!)
    Love you J! Sorry I didn’t ask a question, but girl, you got good ones and don’t need anything from me except my love& belief in your talent/support, which you already have! 💕

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