BpHope Post #7

Ready. Set. Sail!

I guess I’m kinda manic. Maybe. Sorry I went a little batshit crazy. Still hurt. Still want sex REALLY bad. Great sex. Typing is hard. Here is my latest post:



7 thoughts on “BpHope Post #7

  1. On the bipolar 2 axis where depression is the baseline…Definitely a curse. I can’t find a single “blessing” in never being able to think clearly because my mind is sending out incorrect info.
    If I have to do the silver lining thing…At least this crap makes me hella empathetic. Only being in a place where little empathy is shown could one learn to feel bad even for a crippled bug.

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  2. I left the following message on BpHope:

    Like you mention, I am conflicted when it comes to bipolar. Sure, there’s the parts of me that hates it, but I’m also of the belief that those with BP are generally more creative. I sincerely believe it is what makes me a good writer.

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    1. Nice comment. I know you are definitely in the camp of bipolar being a curse! I never thought of the connection between people with kids and their mentality towards bipolar. Makes a lot of sense! Well off the lounge. It’s hot down here I don’t know about where you are!! Going to chill by the pool.
      Lots of love

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  3. Great article. I never knew about the historical path of bipolar. I live the conflict of blessing or curse as well. Sometimes I feel that the conflict represents the nature of bipolar as a whole. Two polar ends fighting against one another. I have to say, I don’t know if I’d change it – its all I’ve ever known

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