Huffington Post and IBPF Blogger Now!

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hey guys. Thanks for the supportive comments. I’m feeling a little better today. Still in a funk but practicing mindfulness. Friends and followers helped talk me through the depression and I upped my antidepressants so I’m coming back up. Not as bad as yesterday. Need more mood stabilizer I think because I’ve been crazy rapid cycling lately!

Things seem to be looking up for me. Felt like a failure for a while but that has helped me with my perspective. In fact, I finally have some good news that I just found out today (at nearly the same time…weird!!) to share: I got accepted to write for the Huffington Post AND the International Bipolar Foundation!!! Thought I’d announce it on my 100th post!!!

Here is the link for the HuffPost Article:

Here is the link for the IBPF Article:

It’s been in the works for some time and I’m glad to say that this is going to be so helpful for me when I write my memoir…which I’ve currently done the Prologue and Chapter 1!

Now I wouldn’t ask this if I didn’t really care, but if you guys wouldn’t mind reblogging/tweeting/sharing/Facebooking? this I’d be SO SO SOOOOO GRATEFUL!! I mean it. I really want the exposure just this one time and to prove to Huffpost that I actually resonate with people.

Please if you can. And comment on the site.

I don’t have a Facebook because of my anonymity but I’ll respond here to your comments.


25 thoughts on “Huffington Post and IBPF Blogger Now!

  1. HUGE ****Congratulations***** on both gigs & on your 100th post too –
    I’m so out of it, I thought you already blogged for IBPF, LOL!!!

    What totally wonderful news, and I know it’s coming at an especially great time….

    Lots of love from someone who has believed in you & your talent from the start!

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  2. p.s. As a fellow HuffPost blogger who knows how awesome it is for the editors to see comments/likes/shares etc. OF COURSE I commented there and did a FB like! 🙂 And I left a comment at IBPF too! Hurrah once again – be proud of yourself!!! And keep on writing, don’t ever stop!

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