Raw And Honest, Sorry

Ready. Set. Sail!

So I have some sad news ya’ll…I will no longer be writing for the Huffington Post.

*gasp* “Why Jess?! You just started! Isn’t that something you wanted to do for a long time?”


Ya’ heard me! People! They NEVER promoted my blog post on social media. And I tried asking them a bunch of times why. I even went so far as to say that aside from my skills as a writer, this post means the world to me and I worked so hard at it and there are people out there that need to hear it. Nothing. No response. Not even a “fuck off.” And THEY are the ones who told me they loved it and wanted to share my voice!

So I found out from a special friend that people’s posts rarely get promoted. The only way to get stuff promoted, other than being famous, is writing pieces that appeal to a generic audience. Basically, cookie-cutter feel-good fluff pieces or easy-to-swallow hot topics…

…um…no…Jess don’t roll that way. I made a promise to you guys; write nothing but raw and honest blog posts. So the idea of writing fluff pieces and selling myself out for a moment in the social media spotlight is WAY beneath me. I ain’t no sellout! So I said fuck it! They ain’t worth my time. Let some other people lick Arianna’s holy clit.

Sorry (I ain’t sorry).


And I feel good about my decision. I did feel bad for a bit but now I’m confident in myself. Yeah my stuff is controversial but they should’ve just rejected me straight out if they didn’t like it. I’ll get my voice out there one way or another. You’ll see. Imma be famous my own damn way. I’ll still be writing for IBPF and bpHope so no worries on that. They like me there! And my book is coming along smoothly!!

Thanks to all the people that stick by me through thick and thin. You guys inspire me to be myself and I love that. Because what would this world be like if I just sit back and did what people told me to do?

Jess is going to stay Jess. Best believe it!

25 thoughts on “Raw And Honest, Sorry

  1. Jess, been there.
    I quit a GREAT opportunity because it turned into fucking clickbait when I was supposed to be history/politics/current events (what I actually went to school for). And they don’t pay or they pay for shit.
    So, don’t be upset. I would have told you beforehand what the deal is at companies like that.
    Cats and listicles. Cats and sliders. Cats and ’90s Kids Remember When…

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      1. I got an offer today from some place I never even heard of and my first question was “How much are you going to pay me?” Followed by, “What is my letter count and how many times per week must I post? Do I pick my topics or you? You say you read my work but do you realize I write ABC and under this pen name, which you say you want, this is what she (Drem) solely writes about.” Then, at the end of this back and forth I added, “by the way, I don’t do clickbait.” LOLS

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      2. LOLZ. I will never do clickbait. I hope this pans out for you. Never change and do what you want. I’d be disappointed in you if I ever catch you wasting your talent on cat memes!


      3. It was under my real name. /shivers.
        But that’s the past. And it still looks good on the resume.

        I had to stop contact with the person who wanted the book thing to happen because I got too depressed for like 2 months to function. If I get that going through, than I definitely don’t have to resort to clickbait… or at least hold out for a little longer.

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      4. Yes. I have retired. I couldn’t do the 12 hour+ days any more, even if I was getting paid to play.

        That article was crap! But, it got me first page ❤ hahaaaa

        I have many secrets. I was thinking of posting a Secrets About Drem list for giggles.

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  2. I could write that shit, but I would want to do it under a pen name. Sorry I’d sell out, but while I admire your code of quality and liberty, I need the cash. Hmmm, what pen name would I want… Ben Shilling would work. ~Deon Mumple. Ben Shilling is funny. Unless the name is already taken.

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  3. Hey darling! “Special friend” here!

    You think I’m special, thank God, but Fluffington Toast obviously does not!

    When it comes to their total lack of promoting our submissions via their social media, and ignoring email correspondence, it’s revolting, and the result of turning us off the way they have is clearly their loss!

    I need that shit like I need a hole in the head, you know what I’m sayin’?

    Arianna is beginning to look a lot like that freaky-ass photo of that spider I posted (eewwwwwwwwwwwww!), and she’s sucking the blood out of numerous talented writers such as —- drum roll please —–
    Lady Jess!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super-glad you’re putting an end to her using you.

    I don’t read anything on HP anymore, to be honest. I read blogs, books, and Twitter articles other than Huffington Post. That’s more than enough for me – I really don’t care about reading HP articles about the shape of women’s pubes!!!!!!! My brain matter shrinks at the very thought!

    Be proud that you can list HP on your resume, and do exactly what you’re doing – move on!

    💞 YOU!!!!!!


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  4. Aw Jess. Sorry to hear that. But assholes will be assholes. Just know you have a powerful voice that will never be wasted. You will be heard at all times by the right people at the right time. We all touch people’s lives in one way or another, and with your open, honesty you will also be heard and respected. Without compromise ❤

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    1. Wow. Thank you. Pieces, you always have the most uplifting comments. I agree with you. I think we all are heard by the right people at the right times. I’ll continue to write for myself and let people come to me. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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  5. WTF
    I am entirely with you Jess. I’m not kissing your ass , I genuinely wouldn’t do that. I mean you’re a top writer and they don’t want to steer from their predetermined norms or values.
    You write like a lot of us think
    I’m your biggest Irish fan
    My biggest fear on seeing this was that you were giving up blogging and writing, period.
    I was very worried.!
    Thankfully not!!
    You can’t say that word where you talked about Ariana btw, I nearly had a heart attack!!

    PS Drew above is awesome.

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    1. I know you wouldn’t kiss my ass Aidan
      And you’re probably right, I shouldn’t shit talk Arianna. Oh well. What’s done is done. And no I won’t quit blogging. That would tear me apart and a lot of followers would be passed. I’ll keep doing my thing and, my biggest Irish fan, I’ll make sure to keep you in mind when I do😉

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