BpHope Post #9

Ready. Set. Sail!

Well this whole week’s theme is about stigma. I’ve had two instances of stigma from two really good friends this week: Jan and The Dragon. Unfortunately, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not that I’m calling them bitches. I would never. Bitch is a bad word. So is fuck. So is cuntmaster. And masturbate.

Now that you are thoroughly depressed and uncomfortable, here is my latest bpHope post:


I wrote it like an hour ago while angry so if it sucks sorry. Brain isn’t working that well. I won’t cuss anymore in this post I promise!




There…I didn’t cuss. Woo-hoo!

I’m going back to Fort Blankie.

17 thoughts on “BpHope Post #9

  1. Cockweasel. Gonads. There, I cursed and I did not curse.

    You write a very coherent argument when “mad”. I am still not a big believer in CBT for bipolar as it requires your brain to be cognitive and cooperate in order to work. Fabulous for the month or so a year my brain is on board. Glad you find it useful. Also glad you haven’t been brainwashed into thinking it’s a cure all.

    I have no one in my life who understands this mental stuff. “Get over it” is the consensus so thanks for writing this piece.

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    1. “Get over it” is what my mom says. She has absolutely no idea what the word bipolar means let alone depression and anxiety. She thinks I’m faking it for attention.

      I’m glad you liked it. Sort of been boiling up inside me for the past few days

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      1. i took it down. saving it for tomorrow. sorry for the confusion! also, adding animated gifs. cause, u know… i like animated gifs. i’m including one of John Krasinski

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  2. Jesus I tell Jess to tone down every week, but she doesn’t. Major expletive alert lol
    Stigma is prevalent everywhere.
    I’m sorry my good friend Jess has experienced stigma this week.
    The actual content of her latest blog is precise.
    I recognise the examples / instances within the blog
    I think you are awesome Jess

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