Featured Blogger Contest

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hello everyone. Welcome to another exciting edition of The Bipolar Compass!!

I’m here basically to say thank you for everyone who shared and viewed and commented on my latest bpHope article. I just checked right now and that shizz went bananas! It’s been shared more than 1100 times on bpHope’s  Facebook alone!!! More than 1700 shares across the Facebook realm and several hundred reactions. I didn’t think it was any good.

Sorry to toot my own horn (I ain’t sorry!) but that wasn’t supposed to be any good. I was angry when I wrote it and I wrote it at the last possible second…like…3 hours before it was supposed to go live. I was this close to just emailing the editor and being like, “Nope. No article for you this week.” Glad I didn’t. My stats have been going bonkers today.

“OK OK…blah blah blah…what’s in it for me Jess?”

Well….let’s have a contest shall we?


I like the idea of blog promotions so let us do that. HERE ARE THE RULES:

  1.  Post your bestest and nicest blog post here in the comments!! It doesn’t matter what it’s about. Literally anything at all. You know I don’t mind. Wow me!
  2. Reblog!!! This way your friends and the rest of the blogosphere can try their hand at winning.
  3. Sit and wait patiently!!! I have no idea how long it will take me to read all ya’lls shizz so I will announce the winner when I’ve gone through everybody’s.


  • The Warrior Child Blog Award (Since I’m a member of the Mental Health Writer’s Guild, I’m allowed to give this award out. It’s for those who have the ability to be as strong, determined, or brave as a warrior whilst at the same time also showing that they too are as vulnerable as a child. If you’re not into blog awards then no worries. You’ll get a virtual hug.)
  • A Limited Edition Bipolar Compass Graphic Thingy (Designed by your’s truly!)
  • Free Post About Their Blog (I’ll tell people about how cool you are in a blog post special for you!!)

And no worries…this post is clean like a baby’s bum (100% G rated) so feel free to reblog without worry.

CONTEST WILL END…hmmm….Sunday July 17 @ 11:59PM PST. Give or take a few minutes.

Cool? Cool!



45 thoughts on “Featured Blogger Contest

  1. Bestest and nicest post…I’m out. I don’t do either, I just do my reality which is pretty not nice.

    Glad your stats are soaring, Jess, you are a terrific writer!

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  2. LOST
    I feel lost…
I feel as though I don’t know how to find my way…
Feeling Overwhelmed…
My strength is depleted…
My Hope and Believing is crushed…
Every time I think I’ve climbed out of the hole I fell into I some how fall back in…
I cry out and pray and wait for the answer but Silence is all I hear…
My mind scrambles trying to figure it all out…
As my body becomes increasingly immovable scared to make any move in fear of it being another wrong decision…
Lost is how I feel in this Life….
Maria Arroyo

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    This Life has not been good to me….
I’ve been lost and confused as far back as a child in this life…
I’ve tried everything and what I feel is abandoned in this life…
I find out at 48 that I have bipolar which may bring clarity to how And why I did things in this life…
But Knowing I am bipolar has brought more problems trying to treat and fight this horrible disease in this life…
I don’t want pity, I just want understanding in this life…
I just want to know what the true answer is for me in this life…
    Maria Arroyo

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    It’s hard for someone like me to just bounce back
It’s not as easy as positive thinking your way out of the darkness 
Or making a choice to be happy in the midst of the turmoil in my mind 
Or praying, believing and having faith
If it were that easy I would always be on top of the world
It’s a long and hard journey which takes strength to fight, hang on and preserve until the light appears again…
Maria Arroyo

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  5. Great job on the bpHope success. I wish I could participate in this contest, but I purposely cleared out the next week to get some much needed things done. I look forward to reading the entries

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  6. Mega-congrats on the BP post doing so fabulously!
    Based on its performance alone, BP should now hire you to write a full article for the magazine – I’m not sure what the pay is, but I think it’s decent!!!! :)))

    What about letting them know you’re up for it, if you haven’t done that already – I can’t remember….. :0 I just got my new issue from them, with Richard Dreyfuss on the cover, and while paging through I couldn’t help but think they need YOUR article in there to spice it up. It has become so blahhhhhh.

    Also, a bit ‘o f.y.i., my sweet – I deactivated my Twitter account last night. While I’m going to try my best to keep up with my favorite blogs (ahem!!! 😉 if I miss commenting on every post over the next few months, please forgive me!

    After October 1st I’ll be back in Twitterland, maybe even sooner than that, since you know how addicted I am, LOL! 😛

    proud of you! 🙂 ❤️

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    1. I heard you’re going off the radar. Take care of yourself my friend and good luck on the rest of the manuscript. I’ll see you in October!! Hugs!!! XOXO

      OH…and I’ll definitely ask about the magazine article! Just got my new one in as as well and I can’t help thinking it’d be awesome to be printed in there .

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      1. I’m already loving being off Facebook & Twitter, as much as I enjoy them. It just is good to have a break. BUT, I’ll still be blogging 1x week & reading the blogs I subscribe to, so I hope to see you in my little corner of the blogosphere!

        And I’m stoked you’ll ask BP about writing an article – woo hoo!

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  7. Wow! I’m so happy for you and that bpHope article. I have a subscription to the magazine, it’s honestly one of my favourite publications and you’re a blogger for them, a blogger whose writing is going bananas! I’m going to catch up on more past blog posts of yours!

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