A Dark Cloud Is Closing In

I feel so weak.  My soul is being drained from my body. I haven’t been motivated to blog or read people’s. I’m so melancholy. I feel awful. I just want to die. I want it over. I’m so tired of fighting.

I haven’t read anyone’s submissions for the contest. I’ll get to them soon. Sorry.


Es geht eine dunkle Wolk herein

Es geht eine dunkle Wolk herein.
Mich deucht, es wird ein Regen sein,
Ein Regen aus den Wolken
Wohl in das grüne Gras.
Und kommst du, liebe Sonn, nit bald,
So weset alls im grünen Wald;
Und all die müden Blumen,
Die haben müden Tod.
Es geht eine dunkle Wolk herein.
Es soll und muss geschieden sein.
Ade Feinslieb, dein Scheiden
Macht mir das Herze schwer.

[English translation]

A dark cloud is closing in

A dark cloud is closing in,
Methinks there will come rain,
A rain out of the clouds
Onto the green grass.
And if you don’t come soon, dear sun,
So everything will be present in the green forest;
And all the tired flowers will die a tired death.
A dark cloud is closing in,
Parting shall and must be.
Farewell, beloved,
Your parting saddens my heart.

13 thoughts on “A Dark Cloud Is Closing In

  1. I’m sorry you feel this way Jess, concentrate on yourself you have plenty of time to read other people’s blogs . Just take each day at a time, if youve really sunk today only one way back up tomorrow. Hang up there as I’ve said before your blogs are a lifeline for so many of us 🙂 thinking of you xx

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  2. Hey sweetie, it’s good to hear from you, I just wish you felt better. Don’t worry about reading or blogging take care of you because you are so important to all of us. I wish I was there to hold you and hug you through it, like I’ve done for my sons before. Just know you are loved and don’t worry about the tomorrows, just deal with today. I’m praying you feel better soon, and remember we are all here for you if you need us.

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  3. Thinking of you lovely Jess. I know these dark clouds can be very overwhelming. Please remember that you are not alone. You have the support of all of your followers. Sending you big loves and cuddles xoxoxoxox

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      1. I’m so happy to hear that. Hope you continue to feel better. Although I’m not bipolar, I’ve taken anti-depressants for most of adult life, so I understand how depression can suck the life out of someone. 💜

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