And The Winner Is…

Ready. Set. Sail!

Good news everyone, I have finally picked a winner for the Featured Blogger Contest! Believe me, it was a REAL CONTEST!! The entries dealt with stigma, suicide, depression, mania, anxiety, and family: all key issues in the mental health realm. I was amazed and happy for the thought-provoking and beautifully written and honest posts. Thanks to everyone for their submissions. I’ll have to do this again sometime.

Anyways… Drum roll please…

… it’s Aidan O’Connell from End The!! Here is his winning entry:

17.4 When my Girlfriend killed herself

All of the entries were wonderful but this one won because of how raw and honest it was. It’s a story of a man who lost his girlfriend to suicide a few years back. His vulnerable and poignant portrayal of a wonderful woman taken in the prime of her life by Depression was absolutely moving. It made me tear up. I want to say, “Thank You” to Aidan for being so honest and really letting us get to know his experiences with mental illness. I Would sincerely hope you follow his blog and his social media and help us end stigma, not just in Ireland, but ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

Here you are Aidan. You’ve been awarded The Warrior Child Blog Award and The Official Bipolar Compass Stamp of Approval (“Bipolar Tested. Compass Approved”):


Bipolar Compass Stamp of Approval (2)

Aidan–Feel free to put them anywhere on your site or social media–

Stay tuned for a special blog post interview with the man himself (Aidan email me so we can get your post going)!! Congratulations AOC!!!

13 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. What a great writer, but such a tragic love story. He writes of such a love for her and breaks your heart for both of them. You picked a real winner, he writes with honest, raw emotions.

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  2. Hey,

    We need to do a super Q and A.

    It’s so kind of you.

    I’m so thankful for your kindness esp being 6 days out of hospital and I’m taking a huge leap in career (career break/website/writing/psychology u turn)

    Talk to me!


    Sent from my iPhone


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      1. Aidan I’m so sorry it’s taking me so long. Be patient. I’ll get the questions out soon. I’ve been really busy lately and things are going out of control kinda. I’ll send you the stuff ASAP!!! Sorry again

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