What’s Worse Than A Wife With Bipolar?

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hi everyone. Man for someone who doesn’t have a job or kids I sure do manage to stay out of the loop, huh? I know I should write more. After Ulla’s death I felt like my problems just weren’t worth writing about. I guess I’m just so wrapped up inside my own head that I have trouble reaching out and letting people know how I’m doing. I’ve had a few people reach out to me and check up on me. Thank you so much I always appreciate it when people send me messages. For real. If you ever want to send me a message just go for it. I don’t care if I’ve never heard from you. At least I know you’re still there.

Well here goes. I was going to wait until I got the results but here goes…

What’s worse than a wife with bipolar?

A husband with cancer. Ha ha ha chuckle chuckle laugh out loud.


…my husband has cancer.


Like. We are 99% sure. They are doing a biopsy on him this Friday so we shall see what it is and the treatment options going forward are…


He didn’t seem to worry but he goes in and out from being 100% fine to utter despair. It hasn’t affected my moods at all. Although I did cry a lot when I first heard about the initial doctor’s visit. I think I’m slowly coming down off the mania. Nice! Perfect timing.

I just find it unfair that I can tell people he has cancer and he gets so much sympathy and respect and I have to hide my bipolar. Or when I tell people I have bipolar they are all like, “Uh-huh. OK. So…?”

Now, for my cancer survivor followers, I’m NOT making light of cancer. Cancer is detrimental. It can be lethal. It is life-altering for those involved and their friends and family. I’m not saying cancer is a walk in the park. But, guess what? Neither is bipolar.

If I tell people I can’t make it to an event because I’m so depressed I feel weak and I can’t physically get out of bed they’ll think I’m making it up or making excuses. If I say it’s because my cancer is acting up and I’m too sick to get out of bed, then AUTOMATIC UNDERSTANDING!!!

This is the world we live in. Thankfully there are people out there, like my husband, who have these horrible diseases that understand mental illnesses have their own level of difficulty compared to physical illnesses. At least I hope he doesn’t have too much trouble with it. I can’t imagine us functioning as a couple with both of us crippled by our illnesses.

We shall see.

17 thoughts on “What’s Worse Than A Wife With Bipolar?

  1. This boy has both cancer and bipolar …from personal experience …it’s much easier for myself, personally …to deal with cancer. It’s definitely harder to live with bipolar because no matter what…it will still be here until the day I die. There’s a chance that the cancer may not.

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  2. Good to hear from you Jess. I am sorry your husband has cancer, I also am sorry you are bipolar. Why can’t people understand they can both be really bad. I will keep you both in my prayers. Hugs sweetheart!

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  3. Very sad to hear the news. I know how tough that is.

    I can tell you I heard that Solo, Ulla’s dog, is alive and well and with friends. It helped me to know that. Hope it helps you a little bit, too.

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  4. Thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear about your husband. I do agree with you that it’s annoying that we get the so what while folks with cancer get the white gloves. Which also isn’t dismissing people suffering with/through cancer — it’s a nasty beast and we lost a co-boss to a combination of bowel and bladder cancer a few months ago.

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    1. Hi Raeyn. Thanks for the comment. Sorry about your co-boss. Cancer is definitely something I’m familiar with because so many of my family members have died from it. Hopefully things get better and treatment gets more sophisticated.

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  5. Jeez – why didn’t I see these posts, I have no idea. But I’m extremely happy to know the thrilling news you shared with us today as I catch up with the posts I missed!!!!!!! 👍

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