My First Blogversary!

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hey there. It was a year ago (two days ago) that I started blogging and I just wanted to say that I’m super super happy that I did. It has really opened my eyes to the community of bipolar bloggers and their friends and family. And of course the supporters of mental health and stigma fighters alike. You guys are such a joy to write for. And even though I’ve accomplished more in this year than I ever thought I would, I’m more than enthusiastic about what the future holds. So to celebrate, I made a little poem for you guys dedicated to my sweet husband.

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a poet, I’m not good at poetry, and I kind just wanted to get this outta my system. Good? Now that that’s settled I wanna say that I’m proud to have made it to Year 1 of blogging and enjoy some romantic mushy gushy stuff!


I don’t wanna go another day,
So I’m telling you exactly what is on my mind.
Seems like everybody’s breaking up
Throwing their love away,
But I know I got a good thing right here
That’s why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody gonna take me higher
I must stick with you.
You know how to appreciate me
I must stick with you, my baby.
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stick with you.

14 thoughts on “My First Blogversary!

  1. Happy Blogversary, sweetie! We got hit with a huge rainstorm that’s going to dump 2+ inches of rain over the weekend, and the power is flickering. I wanted to get this up here ASAP! Love you and proud of you!!!!!

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  2. Happy Blogversary, sweet Jess! I commented a few minutes ago – hmmmm, not sure why it’s not up. If this is a repeat, forgive your silly friend. I’m losing it! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Love you!

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