BpHope Post #11

Ready. Set. Sail!

Hey. Still depressed. I just have been trying to keep myself busy and active so things are a little on the slow side. I’m slowly climbing my way back out of the whole despair with Mark and moving on with my life. A friend told me it was ME who left HIM to begin with. So yeah. If I’ve done it 3 times, I can do it again. This time it’ll be for good. I’m over the drama and his doucheyness.


This is something I wrote a little while back. It’s about not letting this whole political circus get under your skin. Hope you enjoy it. Like, comment, and subscribe as per usual.

Oh and feel free to rant on my blog. I honest to God don’t mind. It’s a safe zone here. If people give you shit I’ll slowly saw their skull open with my chainsaw!!

21 thoughts on “BpHope Post #11

  1. wait….I saw the post end with ‘over with’ and no article. Looks like I’ll have to search bphope.com to find you.
    And good luck post breakup. Those things linger and fester. Allison

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  2. I’ll head over there to BP this afternoon – I just commented over at Bradley’s blog (Do you guys know each other? I think you do, but if not, I want you to “meet” each other – he’s at http://www.insightsbipolarbear.com/i-dont-want-to-be-a-survivor-throwback/) I wrote about the ridiculous debate last night. Bradley replied that Trump made calling a woman a “nasty woman” a good thing, and I agreed with him on that.

    As you know, I’m a child of the 80’s (well, a teen, if I must be honest, LOL!) and our exchange made me think of this song – if you watch the video and listen to the words, it’ll bring you right back to that golden decade. I like this song better than Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning.”

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    1. Yeah I follow Brad’s. Brad is the man. I’m not sure how calling someone that is a good thing but I’ll go ahead and head over and read what you said because I love you Dyane. Thanks for always ALWAYS commenting and being there for me. HUGS!!! XOXOXO

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  3. For those that have met a slump or a great weight this past few weeks, as much as it may not feel like the possibility of the following could be real, all things change, nothing stays the same, we ebb and flow just like the tides, so hold on and you will be back happier and more content than ever. I wish you all and you, dear blogger well . With warmth and wishes from someone who understands very much what it feels like x https://goo.gl/d6aGTI
    Love Up and Down the Rabbit Hole x

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  4. Good article over at bphope. Fortunately for me I can’t recall a single person in my life who disagrees with me regarding this election. My brother and I are usually polar opposites and can laugh and joke about it, however this election year we are on the same page.

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    1. That’s good. A good friend of mine is taking this whole election personally so I stopped talking to him for now. I dunno. I’m not going into it but we have our disagreements and it sucks. I prefer to keep my blog free of the mess. Glad you have someone you can joke around with. Glad hearing from you Brad! You’re awesome!

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  5. I found you via your question in Vic’s “ask me anything”. I’m almost ashamed to admit that your blog seems voyeurishly intriguing. Please keep sharing! And if you’re interested in photography and random travel adventures I’d hope you’ll follow me back 😉 glad to have found your blog.

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  6. I hate when people ask if bipolar is a blessing or a curse!!!! I have one question for you. Is cancer a blessing or a curse?


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