The Woman Of Your Dreams

Ready. Set. Sail!

Happy Halloween my fellow ghostie-goos!! Nothing to report other than I’m still feeling great. Here is a little something for all you spooky peeps in case you decide you don’t want to go to bed tonight. Feel free to reblog and repost (there is no explicit content in this post) Hope you like it!

Almost as soon as John was done signing the last of the documents, the check was all ready and made out to him. Today was going to be his last day and he could finally go home. Experimental trials aren’t always the most fun way to earn a few extra bucks but at least he could finally rest in his own bed and get some shut eye.

You see, John saw an ad in the local paper requesting subjects for an experimental new procedure to help cure insomnia. Having been the kind of person to always have trouble falling and staying asleep, John figured he’d give it a shot. What did he have to lose?

Upon signing up, they gave him the usual medical questionnaire about whether he smoked or drank and such. He didn’t do any of that stuff. John was a relatively healthy individual. He just had trouble with sleep. Over the next couple weeks, they would run electroshock treatments on him using this strange device that rested on your head like some weird space helmet. As the durations became longer and longer, John found himself getting more and more calm and relaxed. Soon sleep would come naturally to him and he was able to lay down and immediately fall asleep without much effort.

At the end of the trials, John seemed to be able to just close his eyes and fall asleep! It was practically a miracle. He couldn’t thank the doctors and staff enough and they couldn’t be more excited about their new treatment program. After signing off and grabbing all his personal belongings, John headed home.

As kind as the staff and doctors were at taking care of John, there was nothing he wanted more than to lay down in his own bed and have some privacy. Constant monitoring and medical checkups aren’t the best way to live your life. When he arrived home, John put his stuff away and reached into the fridge to grab something quick to eat. It was late and all he wanted to do was veg out on the couch with a snack. So he up and made himself a PB&J sandwich and sat down.

A few hours roll by and John decides to head upstairs to his room to get some shut eye. He curls up in his bed and closes his eyes and immediately dozes off. About 1am hits and John starts having a strange dream. In the dream, John is standing in front of his bedroom window looking out into his yard. In the back of the yard near the shed is a woman…or what seems like a woman. The only thing John could make out from that distance is her long black dress and even longer black hair. It was hard to tell in the dark but she looked like she was looking up at the bedroom window, head cocked slightly to the left.

John woke up with a fright! What the hell was that? John looked over at the clock as it read 1am, the same time as the clock in his dreams. Cautiously, John made his way over to the bedroom window to check and see if there was anything there. There wasn’t. Phew! John berated himself for being so silly and went back to sleep.

The next day went by fine. John decided to go out into the yard and do a little lawnmowing since the yard hadn’t been tended to in such a long time. After a few minutes of mowing, the machine hit something and got stuck. Carefully turning off the mower and moving it aside, John noticed something that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. There was a piece of old thick black cloth that got taken up by the lawnmower, the same cloth from the dress the woman in his dreams was wearing! John immediately got sick and went back inside to lie down. After about a minute or two, John dozed off.

He had another dream and this time John was standing in the kitchen looking out at the backyard. The exact same woman from the night before was standing in the yard. Only one thing had changed…she was standing closer than before.

John jolted awake and realized that he had dozed off on the living room couch. He rushed outside to where the woman was standing in his dreams and saw a tiny rose brooch on the grass. His face went pale. He tried to tell himself this was all in his head and that maybe these things were always in his yard and he just never noticed them until now. There is no way this is happening to him.

Later that night, John decided to ignore all the weird things that happened to him and spend some time watching sports on the TV. Before he knew it, John had fallen asleep. In his dream, John was standing in his living room looking toward the kitchen window. Pressed almost touching against the glass was the woman! In the pale moonlight lighting up the kitchen, John could make the horrible features on her face. Her mouth was jet black and stretched thin all the way across her face in a curved smile. Her eyes were tiny and beady white staring directly at him. Her hair was a knotted mess all over her face. The sight of her alone was enough to make John scream!

John woke up in the middle of the night and ran outside to where the kitchen window meets the backyard. There, right underneath the window, was a hairclip!

John screamed in terror and stayed up the rest of the night.

The next morning, John made his way over to the experimental facility to try and get some answers out of the doctors. He told them about his recurring nightmare and the fact that he couldn’t sleep without having these awful dreams about the woman. Aside from laughing it off, the doctors have never heard of such a side effect and didn’t have any idea what do for John. John left the facility feeling annoyed and betrayed.

Over the next few weeks, John would do everything in his power to try and stay awake. He would drink copius amounts of caffeine and remain standing as much as possible to try and ward off the woman until he could figure it out. Nothing on the internet or online was helpful. Every few days or so, John would accidentally doze off and dream of the woman. She appeared in his doorway, living room, and bottom of his stairs. She was working her way closer and closer to him.

One day John was working in the yard and hurt his back and had to remain bedridden. The nurse who came over to take care of him wouldn’t listen to his desperate cries. He begged her to help him stay awake. She didn’t listen. The next night John dreamed the woman was standing in his bedroom doorway, smiling at him.

A few days later, the nurse came in to check on John and noticed that his body had been mutilated beyond all recognition. His face was locked in the most horrifying scream as his eyeballs had been gauged out of their sockets. Blood covered his bed as his limbs had been torn off and were nowhere to be found. ย The nurse upon seeing it, screamed at the top of her lungs before calling the police.

Nothing odd was found at the scene upon initial investigation. It wasn’t until later when examining the bed that the officers found one noticeable thing: a lock of long jet black hair laying on top of the body of John.

Sweet dreams, everybody!

13 thoughts on “The Woman Of Your Dreams

  1. Happy belated Halloween, sweet Lady Jess.
    That was one freaky story, and I’m glad I’m reading it Nov. 4th instead of Oct. 31st!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐ŸŽƒ

    lots of love to ya!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ’—

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