Still alive btw. Really depressed. Just fyi

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Bet this was one of the hardest posts you ever made. In that abyss even stringing together a few sentences to touch base is a sign of uber strength. Hang in there, Jess, we’re all pulling for you here on wordpresss. ❤

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  2. We ALL need to give each other love, and support! I am trained in several fields,…accounting, nursing, and college teaching. In spite of my severe ADHD, and Bipolar, illnesses,…I strive to push forward! My meds DON’T always help that much. I am taking a break from my relatively high dosage of Depakote. My PCP is aware! I DON’T travel this tough road alone!!! I have God, my family,…especially my common-law wife, Jen,…and a couple physicians,…who attempt to steer me in the right direction! I have had the most difficult time with keeping solid employment!!! I have exploded, about 4 times, in the forty odd years of working. I have been “fired” from over half of my jobs, too! I am an “honorably-discharged” U.S. Army officer. I managed to get about 10 years of service. I was only up for Captain. I was militarily trained in Infantry, Field Artillery, NBC defense, and Nursing,…up to the RN-level. I haven’t sat for RN boards yet. I work on an LPN license. I have kept a nursing job, for over 6 years,…in the civilian side,…and about 10 years in the military. I DIDN’T take any psych meds while in the military,…they check our urine, and blood, sporadically. I am also a licensed, and ordained, Christian, non-denominational minister,…w/out a Church! I am likened to a vagabond,… as I mingle with people,…I share God’s good news,…only if they are “open” to it! I have two grown sons, and I am a grandfather. I collect early social security,. And work about 32 hours a week. I’d like to get a Church,…preach good, meaningful, sermons,…and use my accounting, and psychology, and sociology, education, etc., for the betterment of all. In closing, I do get counseling,…I get psych support at the VA. I presently do take Strattera, 100 mg, qd. Good-Luck to all my hurting brothers and sisters,…my prayers go out for us all!!! I’d appreciate being prayed for, too! Thank-You!


  3. I wish I had the words for you hun. I’m sitting here in my last couple days in my hotel room as I was finally kicked out of house with a divorce looming over me. To say the least I’m devistated. I miss my 3 kids terribly, and my wife too. I gave into the hypersexuality one too many times this time. I’m not going to go into my story, but I just want to say thank you for your blog and courage. The things you’ve written validate what’s going on in my head. I just don’t know what to do from here 😦


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