Made It Back Up The Mountain

Ready. Set. Sail!

HOLD UP! Before we go anywhere, I’d like for you to go to the comments section below and catch me up on what’s going on in your life. I just came out of a depression and haven’t been keeping up on anybody’s blog. I am so sorry. Please fill me in with a quick summary because as much as I want to read ALL your guy’s posts, that’s an enormous amount of reading and it’d take me forever to catch up.

OK. Now that that’s out of the way. Feel free to exit stage right…

…WAIT! I was just kidding! Don’t leave me! I promise this won’t take too long. I’ll be posting frequently this month.

So it took a whole lot of mending and growing but I’m back. Man I got hit hard this time. Sometimes Bipolar just kicks you square in the ovaries. It wasn’t pleasant.

So what happened was I tried interviewing for this biotech position and I pretty much nailed it. It was a panel of interviewers and every one of them was impressed with me. Or so I thought. Apparently they wanted to promote from within the entire time. I blamed myself and fell into a deep depression. I called myself a loser and worthless. I couldn’t hardly get out of bed. I just felt nothing. But slowly my wonderful husband helped pull me back up. Now I’m back standing tall. Ready for 2018.

You know someone loves you when they see you at your absolute lowest and still think you’re beautiful. I say it all the time but I don’t deserve him.

So the plan now is to keep searching for jobs but my friend Furiosa had an idea. She wanted me to try and volunteer at a wildlife shelter near where she lives. We would both do it together. Sounds like a good resume boost to me. I’m excited.

That’s enough about me for now. We’ll save some more juicy details for tomorrow.



13 thoughts on “Made It Back Up The Mountain

  1. I’m catching up on blogs today. Dealing with my newly diagnosed and unmedicated at this point in time ADHD. And I just applied to be a volunteer crisis counselor – I am waiting to hear if I got the position or not. Fingers crossed. Glad you got out of that nasty depression.


  2. My meds arent working! My brain is not working! I hate this ! So much noise and no way to shut it off. I have had it. I despise this disease. And can’t find the love in anything, the hate is eating me inside out and that is my depression side. My mania side is worse.
    Don’t want to think about it, but I have thought about ………..


  3. So glad you’re back and feeling well dear Jess! Sounds awful, what you’ve been through, so happy you beat it! Mines all been anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. That’s all.
    Can’t wait to read more from you. I’m sending you lots of love and many hugs. 💕🤗💕🤗💕🤗


  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better and back on the horse! Volunteering is a great start and a way to keep busy 🙂 Keep it rolling into 2018 and looking forward to the updates 😀


  5. well lets see… my wife has finally decided that she may in fact suffer from sex addiction and has made sessions w certified sex addiction therapists…and has started to attend 12 step meetings…. this after 3 years post disclosure of her serial cheating.


  6. It’s tough but you have a wonderful husband as your support system, and I am very happy for you, you’re lucky. Me I only my have my therapist and psychiatrist every 6 weeks as my support system. I cant get through to my family what this disorder is like (i.e. stages, medicines, etc.).


  7. I read your blog to help me understand my bipolar husband. I’m going to share my story. Last month I found a box of sex toys hiding in his room (he hasn’t touched me in years). I think he’s been cheating. And not with women. My son found his profile on Grindr. I found two other gay apps that have been downloaded to our iCloud. I absolutely freaked out and told him to leave. Well I think he went manic and he left and went to his parents. We work at a school and they were concerned for student safety and we all had to leave for a week. Then my girls and I were allowed to come back. He was not. He then lost his professional job. The board said they had been considering it for awhile as he hasn’t been doing his job or showing up. I didn’t know that! This was a month ago and he hasn’t spoken to me since. No explanation, no apology, nothing. His family supports him and have given him a house. I’m afraid he is gone for good. But this illness is so confusing to me. He says I’m mean and I’ve hurt him and I’m the reason he is sick. We have 2 young girls and we are all so sad and confused.


  8. Well done for getting out. I’m very pleased you have such a strong husband. I have a strong wife, but even she is worn down by my BP sometimes and has, in retrospect, had a pretty hard life coping with me. My BP cycles every 10-14 days so once a fortnight I generally feel suicidal and then at least ok if not manic. And, as you’ve written about here before, when mania strikes all bets are off (I’m still so grateful you wrote about hypersexuality — I don’t think my marriage would have lasted if you hadn’t). So I’m pleased you’re back and I hope you don’t head in that direction again this time. Best wishes for Christmas!

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    1. I’m coming out of my annual must-see-everyone-and-do-everything and I come across your comment. It’s people like you who write these uplifting comments that keep me writing. I’m so happy for you and your wife. Bipolar can be so lonely when you have to fight it by yourself. Happy New Year!

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