Jess Melancholia Q & A Contest

Ready, Set, Sail!

Hey there everyone. I’m back with a quick update: not much going on.

Honest to Christ stability is so boring sometimes. Does anyone else get that feeling? I am trying to come up with something to say but there really isn’t anything. So this time I’m going to let you guys decide what I should talk about! C’mon it’ll be fun. Maybe. Idunno. You think I know? Whatever. Just comment/send me your best question, or whatever you want to ask (nothing private like my address/phone number/real name/ SSN/etc!!!!) and I’ll respond in a Jiffy. Top questions will have their questions featured in my next blog post!

Good luck,



2 thoughts on “Jess Melancholia Q & A Contest

  1. Stability is boring. But those around us love us stable. For many sufferers, the ‘bore’ you refer possibly, is recognition that some facets of bipolar are euphorically addictive. When missing, life itself is boring. Cutting up veges for dinner vs riding the rollercoaster without seatbelt is boring. But it will keep you alive. It doesn’t destroy your life, or friendships, or the lives of those around you

    My heart goes out to those who cannot find any stabilization. For me, right here, right now, I wish I were completely off the planet. Because I’m using every atom in my body to hold half a resemblance of life together.

    I am sooooo tired of fighting my mind. Instability almost gives you mental permission to just let go…


  2. Stability is part of the game. Just play the game. You learn as the game evolves.

    So here’s my question:
    Did you know you were different (mental illness) as a child? And can you remember your first cognitive hyper/depressive state?



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