Hello? Where Is Everyone?

Ready. Set. Sail!

So….I’m still waiting on some more responses from people. Let friends and family know. It’s been two months and I’ve only received a question from one person. I’ll give people until the end of this month. This is really disappointing guys. Not gonna lie.



11 thoughts on “Hello? Where Is Everyone?

  1. I did that snobby thing where I liked your post but didn’t ask a question cos I figured you’d get snowed under by your many followers. Sorry about that.

    Um…if you could bottle up the manic bouts and that energy and use it only for good deeds instead of our usual ‘it feels good, let’s do it, consequences be damned’ patterns…What would you use it to do?

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      1. Gonna rethink my policy against using rat traps if the vermin are that fickle…
        Really, though. I’ve thought about my manic bouts when I have so much energy and feel ten feet tall and bulletproof. If I could bottle it and use it only to help others…I’d volunteer at animal shelters, soup kitchens, maybe even suck up my distaste for clowns and dress up like one to visit kids in a cancer ward if it made them feel better.
        Too many times the mania makes us spend money we don’t have, do things we shouldn’t do (hypersexuality), and we can get so wrapped up in how good we are feeling and making it last…I wish I could bottle it and use the powers for good. 😉


  2. Have you ever been manic and not realized it? I have comorbid bipolar 1 and DID so when I go manic I also blackout. I thought I was doing better and just found out it’s actually been worse. Any thoughts?


  3. Hi Jess,

    I’ve been diagnosed 18 years now bipolar.

    How do you keep your marriage alive?
    Don’t have to answer, but how do you keep that ‘itch’ in check? I’m now single and finding it incredibly hard..
    How on earth do you manage to work, especially those days where light and noise are triggers?
    What are your top three stress management ‘go to’ tools?
    And the toughest one for me, how do you fight the tiredness. You know the logic, you know the tools, but are exhausted and literally don’t want to fight anymore. Where do you drag that inner strength from. Not family or others, but within yourself?

    Thanks for opening up the dialog. I love how you call a spade a spade.




  4. Are there any suggestions you might have for a friend or a family member to nudge someone to seek professional help? They are in a textbook manic phase after having been on a strong anti-depressant for months but don’t think that anything is wrong. “No one is happy for me when I’m doing well.” Friends and family really care, but sitting by, trying to be supportive while relationships are destroyed and very bad decisions are being made is very difficult and sometimes the destruction feels irreversible.


  5. Hi Jess,

    What’s the best non-medicinal coping mechanism you have?
    What about CBT, DBT, ACT, have you done these and have any helped enough that you use tools from them regularly?
    Which ones are your go-to tools for coping, grounding and bringing yourself back into the present and still wanting to live?


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