Do NOT Read If You Are Sensitive!




Let me start off by saying that this is NOT going to be a post about Bipolar. It’s about me. Jess. The real RAW me. So if you can’t or don’t want to swallow this horse pill than leave right now. This isn’t for you.

Let me start off by saying that I apologize for wishing ill on my father. I was wrong to say he should just catch COVID-19 and die. That was childhood trauma and anger talking. I take it back. He is a good man at heart but definitely an asshole. A major asshole with plenty of flaws. But he doesn’t deserve death. My friend Aidan O’C over at @EndTheStigma_ie convinced me of that. Go follow him. He is amazing.

You know who does deserve death: Donald J. Trump.

That man is a wicked, vile beast of a man who couldn’t know compassion if it was written in bold on the broad side of a barn. Don’t tell me he is being brave by tear-gassing and rubber-bulleting peaceful protestors! We have a right in this country of the United States of America to peacefully protest. It’s called the fucking First Amendment:

”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excerpts thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Those people outside the White House were met with some of the most gruesome resistance to a peaceful protest and Trump had no right to do that. And for what? A photo-op? At a church with a Bible he probably found lying around? At a church where the Bishop wasn’t even aware of his bullshit stunt and even condemned his doing that:

”I was outraged that he felt that he had the license to do that, and that he would abuse our sacred symbols and our sacred space in that way.” (- Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington)

What a piece of shit. What a fucking waste of space. This is the leader that was chosen by the fucking electoral college. Hillary won the popular vote. Yet we can’t have her as president because of the electoral college. In this day and age, your voice and your vote mean nothing to this corrupt government. This broken, vacuous establishment of lies and bullshit that continues to support systemic racism.

As a half-black woman, I am deeply offended by the actions of yesterday by our so-called “president”. My people are dying in the streets. “Please Stop! I can’t breathe!” Doesn’t that just ignite a fire in your belly? A burning, raucous explosion of anger and frustration?!?!? Bend your knees America! Bend the knee in solidarity of a poor man from Minneapolis whose life was removed so systematically from this earth. Pray for his family. Scream! Shout! Let your voices be heard from the deepest valleys to the highest mountain tops! This is a violation. It is a violation of our dear principles we have established of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

How dare they treat us like second class citizens. 3/5 of a person isn’t even close to the true amount of respect we get when cops aren’t taken accountable for their actions. Open your eyes to the blinding light of injustice! It is all around you! God looks down upon this country with shame and disdain; if he/she is even there!


Treat each other with respect. Black Lives Matter. Not all houses are drenched in hot flames but the ones that are need attention. This is a fight that we all saw coming. It has reached the boiling point. Now is your chance to stand up to your government. Let people know you are angry and upset. Let them know how you are afraid to speak lest you be cast down by men in dark padded suits. We the people of the United States must not allow this injustice to continue.

It’s not that hard. How can you possibly look at another with a different skin color/eye shape/body size/genital parts and think, “This person is less than me.” You are the problem! Repent and turn away for you are nothing in my eyes.

”But Jess, I agree with you but what about all the looting and the violence?!”

Our voices have not been heard!

When we spoke up, they did not notice us.

When we bent the knee, they did not notice us.

When we peacefully protested, they did not notice us.

What will make you notice us?

I don’t condone the violence and looting. Those are just the side effects however to a list of symptoms that are grossly diseased. Pus-filled cysts, oozing over in a painful inflammatory response.

You do not fix the root of this problem this is what you get.

I’m tired of being silent. I’m tired of being the one who can’t speak up when she sees injustice. This is my tiny blog. I do what I can.

Go support the Black Lives Matter movement. Donate to those who have been arrested, including members of the press, who were just doing their civic duty.


And if you are a Trump supporter, feel free to unfollow me. I don’t want your kind here anymore.


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