Craving Male Attention




Good morning…or whatever time of day or night it is for you. Welcome. Jess is here. What have we got on store today?

Well to be honest I’m having a little bit of trouble here. I currently have the app downloaded and ready to send a message to Mark.

I’ve been craving male attention lately.

I know. I must be strong. But I guess I’m feeling weak. I want that feeling again. That feeling of being the only thing that matters. Of being beautiful and desired.

“Well Jess, why don’t you just ask your husband for some male attention?”

You don’t understand me if you ask that. I want to feel alive. Excited! Passion! Craving! I want what Mark can give me. Yes I know, it’s the mania talking. My hypersexuality is on overdrive. I’m not listening to it as best I can.

I doubt Mark would even care anymore. He’s probably still butthurt about me calling it off all those years ago. How long has it been? 3 years? Can someone check please?

It’s been far too long. The passion is dead. I have to accept my life for what it is. The sad part is you don’t get this kind of crazy passionate sex when you’ve been together so long…

So what do I do? I guess I’ll just stare at my phone and imagine.

2 thoughts on “Craving Male Attention

  1. What do you do? Having a plan and implementing it when you find yourself in this manic dilemma. Contact your Dr so that your meds can be adjusted to balance your mood. Everything is constantly changing, your meds have to follow suit. Your at the crossroad with 2 destinations clearly ahead, which way do you want to go?

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  2. Hi Jess,
    I totally understand the intensity of the hypersexuality. And it sucks.

    Have you ever found something in life that is close to that intensity? Something that wouldn’t win the gold medal of intensity but maybe the silver or bronze? If so, would it ever be something you could use to temporarily placate the hypersexuality at least until you can ride out this latest wave?

    I hope it gets easier for you soon.

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