….I Need Sexual Healing!




Hello hello gang members!! Jess is back and better than ever!!


You thought I was dead, didn’t you? Well to be honest I haven’t been posting because NOTHING IS GOING ON!! Pandemic life is such a drag. I do have some news. The open relationship is actually working. I just recently started talking to this guy and he is really sweet. Maybe things will work out. Don’t know yet. But I got butterflies in my stomach!

Most guys are just not…good… They are either jerks or horn dogs. Gimme a fucking second before you shove your dick pics down my throat!!! Geez! Didn’t your mama ever teach you manners?!?! Fuck me. That’s my life right now.

So yeah. Me and the husband are doing well. Our sex life has actually gotten better. Which I’m SO thankful for. We get along so well. We’re best friends. I just want things to work out with him.

The Bipolar Compass Cast is doing wonderful. Thank you so so much for listening and commenting. I really appreciate it. Keep doing it! I wanna hear from you!! I just finished up my series on psychedelics and mental health so go listen to it!! It’s good. It’ll blow your fucking mind.

That’s all guys. Honestly I wish I had more. If I forgot something I’ll mention it in my podcast.

Take care team!

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