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  1. Oh Jess, please tell me someone is there with you. If not, call services, your psych, the hospital. Keep yourself safe. I dont know how many have read your post, or how long its been since posted – we care. Which is why please ring, call, seek help. No shame being in a bad place, no explanation required to anyone, Safe is the only word everyone wants you to hear.

    Every other thought can wait.

    Post so we all can support you, just like your blog has supported us.


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  2. In our world the first question is typically ‘are you safe?’

    That’s the first probing question for a reason……

    Loneliness & Bipolar are threads woven of the same cloth, but remember a big plus in our world is it can all change in an instant

    Or over a few days of drying out, replenishing ourselves & resetting intentions

    ‘This too shall pass’ helps me a lot

    Take care of you Jess, you matter & people care ❤️

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