BpHope Post #11

Ready. Set. Sail! Hey. Still depressed. I just have been trying to keep myself busy and active so things are a little on the slow side. I’m slowly climbing my way back out of the whole despair with Mark and moving on with my life. A friend told me it was ME who left HIM … More BpHope Post #11

“Keep On Survivin’” – Survivor (Destiny’s Child)

  Now that you’re out of my life I’m so much better You thought that I’d be weak without you But I’m stronger You thought that I’d be broke without you But I’m richer You thought that I’d be sad without you I laugh harder You thought I wouldn’t grow without you Now I’m wiser … More “Keep On Survivin’” – Survivor (Destiny’s Child)

BpHope Post #10

Ready. Set. Sail! Ugggghhhhmmmm…I’m so down. Crying doesn’t get rid of the pain. That feeling of being lost in your thoughts. It took all my energy to write this article and I don’t even think it’s that good. Depression has set in and it’s zapping me of all my hope and energy. So yeah. Hope … More BpHope Post #10