Still Here…

I’m sorry. I’m not ignoring anyone. I’m just so depressed. I can’t get out of bed most of the time. I don’t shower very often. I don’t know how long this post will be. I see all your messages and I’ll get to them soon. All I do is cry now. I can’t decide if … More Still Here…

Hello? Where Is Everyone?

Ready. Set. Sail! So….I’m still waiting on some more responses from people. Let friends and family know. It’s been two months and I’ve only received a question from one person. I’ll give people until the end of this month. This is really disappointing guys. Not gonna lie.    

What The F***?

Ready. Set. Sail!   Hey there. I know. I’m sorry. I said that I was going to reveal the big reveal on Friday. Now you’re mad. And now I’m in trouble. By the way I had a dream about the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones last night. I don’t even watch that show. What … More What The F***?

Feeling Better

Ready. Set. Sail! Hi-ho everyone. Sorry if I was quiet for too long. I wanted to wait until the new medication kicked in. Didnt’t want to jump the gun on that. So I do have a confession to make…I’m back on the Wellbutrin. I know, I know! I remember. That’s the medication that made me … More Feeling Better

So I quit my job last week. Feel like I failed myself. The desire to keep going is so weak. I don’t know what I’m going to do. All I want is to lay here. I feel nothing.


Hi. I’m back. Well this is awkward. Akward? Awwkwaaard? I don’t know how to spell it. Leave me alone! Sorry, I should probably give some context. I’m extremely depressed. I need help. I got a new job a few weeks ago and in my hypomanic attempt to be the best employee possible I think I … More Depressed